Saturday 4 July 2020

The Cambridge IELTS Course Insight into IELTS updated edition


The Cambridge IELTS Course Insight into IELTS updated edition pdf download.

Insight into IELTS has been designed as a course book for an IELTS preparation course. However, it is equally appropriate as a self-study resource book for students wishing to improve their IELTS skills on their own as it contains helpful advice, sample IELTS material throughout the units and detailed answer keys.

The book is appropriate both for learners seeking to enter an English-speaking university, school or college, as well as for people who may need to provide an IELTS score for the purposes of immigration to an English-speaking country. The book is targeted at students of approximately Band 6 level; however, the earlier units in each section are designed for lower-level learners or students not familiar with the IELTS test format, while the later units are intended to stretch the stronger candidates beyond their immediate IELTS needs and enhance their language skills overall. 

Main things you will learn.

• Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections
• Supplementary activities for each unit
• A complete practice test
• Recording Script and Answer Key

Taken as a whole, the book contains ample classroom-based material within the units for a preparation course of between 40 and 50 hours. When used with the Supplementary activities which accompany each unit, the material will last much longer.

The first part of the book is divided into four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, to reflect the format of the test, and these are broken down into manageable units. Each section begins with an overview of the IELTS test and students who work their way through the book will become familiar with all question types and tasks that they are likely to meet in the test. The skills covered are not restricted to test-taking strategies alone but also reflect the broader range of language that students will encounter in an English-speaking environment, whether at university or in the wider community.

The units contain class and pair activities and the opportunity for individual practice. eachers may choose to work systematically through each section, taking advantage f the graded approach, or, alternatively, select material to suit their learners' needs s required.

The Supplementary activities can be used to expand the units as follow-up work in class or as homework exercises. For students working on their own, they provide further opportunity to practise and consolidate the language covered in each unit or they can help students to structure their revision schedule once they have covered he units in the first part of the book.

The final part of the book offers a full practice IELTS test which is accompanied by a band conversion table (on page 189) to allow students to assess their approximate level in the Reading and Listening sections from their performance in this test. A Recording Script is provided for the Listening units and the Listening part of the practice test and this is annotated to show where the answers are located in the text. A thorough Answer Key is provided for all sections of the book, including the practice test. The Key provides a framework of support to ensure that students can receive feedback on all activities and exercises undertaken. It includes a selection of model Band 9 answers to a number of the writing questions. We would like to stress that these model answers represent only a sample of the many possible ways of approaching the writing tasks, but we hope that learners will find them a useful guide.

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