Saturday 19 October 2019

Check Your Vocabulary for the IELTS Examination

 Check Your Vocabulary for the IELTS Examination workbook is designed for students preparing to sit either the IELTS General Testing or the IELTS Academic courses. It addresses some of the primary vocabulary points for listening, reading, writing, and speaking parts of the exam you may need or come across in. In this book, you will find the modules helpful and the vocabulary you learn will help you obtain the score you want within the IELTS.

In "Test Your Vocabulary for the IELTS Test" each vocabulary field is provided in the form of a self-contained package of task-based activities that place each vocabulary object in a specific context. Pages 1-48 concentrate on basic vocabulary elements that can be found with the English in all ways. Any of these are important in the IELTS exam for particular tasks (such as explaining how something works, writing a letter, or explaining a table). Pages 49-95 concentrate on subject-specific vocabulary areas that may be needed at the review (e.g., education, business, industry, or global issues).

Every module comprised of 3 tasks: the first two include in-context vocabulary items and the third helps you to study the vocabulary in the form of a gap-fill exercise. By using the IELTS study guide You can not mechanically stroll around the units. It's easier to select places you 're not familiar with, or places you believe are of special significance or value to yourself. Vocabulary Note Sheet Consider that you can keep a list of the latest terms and phrases you are learning, and revisit them from time to time until they become an integral part of your vocabulary.At the back of the book is a vocabulary record sheet that you can photocopy as many times as you want, and use to create your own personal vocabulary collection. Extending your language Memory even that there are other ways to use new words. For example, from a different array of genuine reading materials (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) you can read as often as possible.

 You should use an English dictionary to help you learn English, which can easily identify vocabulary, offer details on grammar, and provide example sentences to illustrate how vocabulary is used in context. For this workbook, you can choose any decent learner's English dictionary, although it was written using the content in the English Students' Dictionary published by Peter Collin Publishing International English Language Testing System (IELTS) This workbook has been written to help you develop your vocabulary while practicing on an IELTS exam. The IELTS English experiment is performed by the Central Exams Syndicate of the University of Cambridge, the British Council, and Australia IDP Education. 

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