Saturday 3 October 2020

Download urdu to urdu dictionary Feroz ul Lughat

 Download urdu to urdu dictionary Feroz ul Lughat for free complete. In this urdu to urdu dictionary, there are 125,000 ancient, phrases, proverbs, and modern words with urdu meaning in simple words. This urdu comprehensive dictionary is written by the author Al-hajj Maulvi feroz uddin.  This Feroz ul Lughat most popular urdu dictionary contains all the urdu vocabulary from A to Z in alphabetic order from "Alif" to "Ye".

As you all know that common spoken urdu is very easy to understand for which you don't need an urdu dictionary, but if you are reading an ancient urdu book or urdu poetry then you will need urdu to urdu dictionary to understand it. This is the best and recommended urdu dictionary for class 9th, class 10th, class 11th, class 12th, and higher levels students to understand the complex phrase, words easily. 

If you want to fully get command over the urdu language then you much have this urdu to urdu dictionary in your hand because it contains a huge collection of vocabulary and can help students to improve their urdu vocabulary. If I say that is urdu dictionary is a sea of words then it will be incorrect and i personally use it when I need to understand some difficult word in urdu poetry because I love urdu poetry.

You can read and download urdu to urdu dictionary in PDF Format by clicking the given links. 

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