Friday 18 October 2019

Headway Academic Skills IELTS Study Skills edition PDF

 Headway Academic Skills IELTS Study Skills Edition Level 1 student book PDF free download.

People read in several various spots, in a park, on a bus, or in a car, for example. That is because it's convenient to carry books, newspapers, magazines, and so on. We also read at various rates, and in many diverse ways. Sometimes we read fast. In a bookstore, we just want to get the general idea from a newspaper story, a report or a book. Maybe we want to know what it is, or whether it's interesting or relevant. We call 'skimming' this type of reading. We also quickly read to have a specific piece of information, such as a date, contact information or restaurant name. This is referred to as scanning. We scan schedules, directories for phones, dictionaries and websites. And we need to read carefully at some other times. We read a book, an article or a review, for example, to understand it all. This is called 'reading intensively' or 'reading study.' Then we read slowly and confirm the meaning. We use our dictionary definitions a lot to help us. Maybe we're taking notes, and struggling to remember things. For instance, sometimes we need to gain knowledge by heart, a poem, or a numerical equation.

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