Friday 15 January 2021

Surah Rahman Benefits in English

The “Al-Rahman” is the holy Name of Allah that indicates an attribute of Allah and its meaning is Most Gracious. surah Rahman is revealed in madina, surat ar Rahman is consist of 3 ruko and having 78 verses.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) narrated that prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that whoever prays to Allah with the name “Al-Rahman”, Allah will obey this invocation and whatever the person want Allah will bless the Invoker with it. That is why the great peoples in the history of Islam always recited this holy name “Al-rahman” and they also Actuate their followers to do so. According to some spiritual scholars “Al-Rahman” is an Ism e Azam.

Once Prophet Muhammad  (PBUH) saw a person praying to Allah with this holy name “Al-rahman”, He (PBUH) happily said that Ask for whatever you want Allah has accepted your prayer.

One of the greatest hidden attribute of surah ar Rahman is that in this surah a holy name of Allah is present, According to Islamic scolars and Sahab Kiram (R.A) this is Isme Azam and that name of Allah is “zul jalal e wal ikram”. 

The surah al rahman is totally consist of the blessing of Allah gifted to Human beings and also contains the facts of the universe, now proven by modern science. Below we will describe some of the benefits of surah al Rahman.

surah Rahman for Attaining nearness to Allah (Qurb-e-Elahi)

For Attaining nearness to Allah you should recite “Astaghfirullah” in morning and evening, and after every Namaz you should recite “fa bi ayyi aalaa i rabbikuma tukazziban” 11000 time with 41 times darood before and after reciting this verse 11000 times.

Surah Rahman for Lost Person

If something or someone is lost, then for such situation this surah e rehman practice is very useful. First do ablution (wadu) properly and perform two rakat nafil namaz in such a way that in each rakat after reciting surah fatiha, recite surah ar rahman full three times and in this way complete the two rakat swalah. After completing this process pray to Allah for getting back the lost thing or person inshallah your prayer will work.

Surah Rahman for Chest diseases

If someone has chest disease and having pain in chest and if the person feels no change after treatment, then surah rahman recitation is very useful in such situations. For this purpose, write these two names of Allah “Ya-Rahman” and “Ya-Rahim” on crockery plate 41 times while in wadu. Remember to write these name with the ink of Rose and Saffron. Now wash this crockery plate with honey drink. Now recite surah rahman complete 1 time on this drink with 11 times darood before and after and blow on this drink after completion. Now the patient should drink in small quantity from time to time every day. Inshallah the patient will get healthier soon and continue this process until complete recovery. Once the patient got cured with this surah ar Rahman wazifa will never face this problem again.

Surah Rahman for Getting rid of Difficulties in Grave After death

For Getting rid of Difficulties in Grave After death the recitation of surat ar Rahman is very useful. For this purpose, recite Surah Rahman 1 time before going to sleep with 11 times darood sharif before and after recitation of this surah and then pray to Allah. By doing this amal the reciter will be safe from grave’s difficulties.

Surah Rahman for increasing Wealth

For increasing wealth one should recite surah ar Rahman 3 times and surah muzammil 7 times. Before starting and after reciting surah al rahman 3 times and surah muzammil 7 times recite Darood e Tajj 7 times. After completion pray to Allah inshallah your wealth will increase and will never become less.

surah ar Rahman for high status in society and respect

For high status in society and respect in family the recitation of surah Rahman is very helpful. For this purpose, write this names of Allah “Al Rahman” including Bismillah as well using the ink of Saffron and Mushk while maintaining wadu or ablution setting toward west (qibla). Then recite surah ar Rahman 101 times and blow over it. Now fold this paper and keep it forever safe in your pocket. With the help of this process you will get respect and family, everyone will be kind to wherever you go.

 Surah ar Rahman for Strong Brain Memory

Surah Rahman is a useful and effective surah for making you memory stronger. For this purpose, recite surah Rahman 1 time after the swalah of Asr (3rd prayer of the day) and flow on your chest and head, inshallah by doing this wazifa your brain and memory will become stronger forever.

surah al Rahman for fulfilling your desires

If someone has a desire that never seem to be fulfilled, then for such purpose this wazifa of surah al Rahman is very effective and working. For this purpose, recite surah al Rahman 1 time after every Namaz with 3 time darood before and after. After doing this wazifa pray to Allah, inshallah your impossible desire will become fulfill soon. Continue until you get succeeded.

surah ar Rahman wazifa for Harmful animals and insects etc.

If you home have insects or harmful animals and always there is a danger of biting of poisonous animals, then for such circumstances surah ar Rahman wazifa is useful. For this purpose, write this surah on paper with the ink of saffron and Rose setting toward West maintaining ablution. Now wash this paper within water and then recite 3 times surah ar Rahman blow over this water. After completion of this process though this water in every corner of you home, inshallah all the harmful animals will leave your home and your home will become safe.

Surah Rahman for Fever

If someone is suffering from fever and want to get rid of it. For this purpose you should write "Al-Rahman" using the ink of soffran and rose on crockery plate while be in wadu. After writing this name in specific way shown below, drink that plate with water and give it to patient for drinking. Repeat this process for seven days and write the same inscription (Naqsh) using the ink of saffron and rose. Now perfume this Naqsh and recite surah rahman 1 time with 11 times darood before and after. Finally doing all this process tie this Naqsh on the right arm of patient and the patient will get rid of fever inshallah. Write the Naqsh in this way:

Surah Rahman for Eye Pain

If someone is suffering from Eye Pain and that person got no relief by treatments. To get rid of this Eye Pain you should do this amal (wazifa). For this purpose write the last verse of surah rahman on white paper using the ink of saffron and rose. Now tie this Naqsh on forehead above the eye of the patient and recite this verse 100 times and insufflate the eyes. Inshallah by doing this wazifa you will get rid of eye pain.

Surah Rahman for Business improvement

If someone is facing problems in business then surah rahman is very effective for such purposes. To improve your business recite surah rahman after salah Fajr three times with 7 time darood tajj before and after. After doing this wazifa go into sijda and pray to Allah while imagining your business in mind. Inshallah after doing this wazifa your business will improve.

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