Tuesday 18 May 2021

Quran para 2 pdf download

Quran Para 2 pdf download free in HD colored print. You can download this pdf but you cannot make any sort of printing because the pdf file is locked. So this is the best 16 line Quran Pak colored with nice blue borders. The image shown below is of low quality but the original pdf file is of high quality which you can download from the below link.

The Quran Para 2 is consists of the remains half part of sura al bazaar. This juz of Quran includes a total of 110 ayat and above 15 Ruku. The mainly discussed topic in this juz is four including the direction of qiblas, Ibadat / muhamalat/ mamnohat /, the story of taloot.

Quran Para 2 pdf Sample pagequran-para-2-pdf-download


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