Sunday 30 May 2021

Short Stories Child story books pdf

Short Stories Child story books pdf free download. Short stories for children contains many nice entertaining and other stories. The following stories are given in this book for kids.

  • Man Overboard
  • When Papa Scolded Me 
  • The Unforgettable Journey 
  • Varunkaka's Lemonade Pals 
  • Hanuman And I 
  • At The Party 
  • Outwitted 
  • To The Memory Of A Lion 
  • The Triumphant Smile 
  • The Turkish Cap 
  • The Pink Card 
  • That Sunday Morning 
  • The Boy From Standard III 
  • The Goose Thieves 
  • Christmas Bells 
  • In A Guava Orchard 
  • All Because Of My Hair

You can download and read online this Short Stories Child story books pdf  by clicking this link


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