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IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

In this blog post we will be sharing some of the IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study in pdf format for free downloading and online reading.

 1. Reading General Training IELTS-PRA

Reading General Training IELTS-PRA written by IELTS examiners pdf free download. In the book, you will see the sample of all questions that you will attempt in the actual IELTS test like the paragraph modules and then solve or answers the related question, completion of sentences, MCQs, and true-false statement examples. Shortly Reading General Training IELTS-PRA contains 16 full test General Training Module. If you are a beginner and you are taking IELTS for the first time then this simple guide will give you an idea of what to expect in the IELTS test.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

2. IELTS Foundation Second edition Student's Book

This one of the IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study.  IELTS Foundation Second edition Student's Book pdf. The IELTS Foundation is built to help you boost your IELTS score and make real progress towards your target of studying at an English speaking university. There are 12 topic-based units covering each of the four IELTS academic modules and all forms of activities, as well as providing directed support and practice focusing on the test. Units are specifically graded to improve your language skills, enhance your grammar and vocabulary knowledge, and become familiar with the IELTS test format. Working to improve these areas, not only for IELTS but also for deeper academic study, will help develop your credibility and give you a strong foundation.

Learning about the structure and the task classes for any exam will help you succeed, and IELTS is no exception. The IELTS Foundation guides you through all aspects of the test, offering strategies and guidance to help you handle the various types of tasks. Across the book, Exam Detail, Tip and Strategy boxes provide valuable guidance. IELTS Foundation gives you step-by-step instructions in the Writing module for each form of task. At the back of the book are model responses with suggestions on each of the Writing questions to help you develop your own writing skills. Activities to train you for the Speaking portion are also available, including chances to develop each of the three sections and sample audio answers. There are useful language boxes including vocabulary and phrases to be used in these IELTS modules for both speaking and writing.

There are not only various text and IELTS activities for the Reading module but also exercises to help you manage with unfamiliar vocabulary and develop your active reading skills. The IELTS Foundation provides you several opportunities to improve your active listening skills while completing the various types of tasks for the Listening module. Please see full audio scripts at the back of the book. Important grammar exercises have been incorporated into each unit in the book. These have been selected as places where students most frequently make errors in speaking and writing at your stage. The language work is placed in context to teach you how English grammar really works, especially in academic circumstances. The Grammar and Vocabulary Bank at the back of the book also has more practise exercises.
Vocabulary is extremely crucial in Reading and. Modules for writing. In the Grammar and Vocabulary Bank at the rear of the book, there are word-building exercises in the book and additional practise exercises. In addition, specific emphasis is put on improving your knowledge of collocations and building your academic vocabulary. It is necessary not only to enhance your English but also to grow your study skills in order to attain your educational goals. IELTS Foundation provides techniques to help you learn more effectively and to improve the ability to act independently during IELTS study and in other academic contexts.


3. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS 

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS  written by Diana Hopkins, Pauline Cullen in 2007 has 258 pages. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS Self-Study grammar reference and practice book is for all students preparing for IELTS exam. Although the IELTS test does not provide a particular grammar module, it is essential to be able to know and use grammar properly. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS book provides the grammar you will need to be successful in the IELTS exam. You can use it to support an IELTS coursebook, with a general English language guide for additional grammar practice, or with practice tests as part of a revision program. You can use Cambridge Grammar for IELTS in class or for self-study.

There are two approaches to use Cambridge Grammar for the IELTS book. You can either start at Unit 1 and work through to the end of the book, or you can start with the Entry test on page ix to know which units are important for most practice and start with those.

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS book consists of 25 units. Each unit is in 4 parts: 

Context listening: This provides the grammar of the unit in a context that is related to the IELTS exam. This will help you to comprehend the grammar more easily when you study section B. It also provides useful listening practice. Listen to the recording and answer the questions. Then look your answers in the Key before you start to read the Grammar section. 
Grammar: Read this section before you take the grammar exercises. For each grammar point, there are guidelines with examples. You can refer back to the grammar section when you are doing the exercises. 
Grammar exercises: Write your answers to each exercise and then check them in the answer Key.
Test practice: Each unit provides a test task. These help you practice the various parts of the test. The test task is followed by a grammar focus task, which gives you additional practice in the grammar from the unit. 

The Key provides answers to all the exercises. Check your answers at the end of each exercise. The Key lets you know which part of the Grammar part you need to see again if you have any problems. sample answers for exercises where you utilize your own views to help you check your work. 

Exam tips for every exercise type in the Test practice portion. sample answers for all the writing tasks in the Test practice section. Read these after you have written your own answer. Study the language used and the way the ideas are organized. Recording scripts There are recording scripts for the Context listenings in each unit and for the Test practice listening tasks. Do not look at the script until after you have answered the questions. It is a good idea to listen to the recording again while you read the script. The Entry test You can do this test before using the book to help you choose what to study. Answer the questions and then check your answers in the Key. The Key tells you which units are most important for you.

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS book offers concise yet complete coverage of the grammar important so that you get success in the IELTS exam. It can be used for self-study or with a class. It will be especially helpful for a class where all the students are preparing for IELTS test. It will also be good for revision, and for students in classes where some students are not entered for the exam, as sections A, B and C are designed to be useful for all candidates. 

The Entry test can be used diagnostically as a source of prioritizing the language areas to be covered, either for a class or for individual students. 
The context listening section is useful for classroom use. Several of the tasks can be done in pairs or small groups if appropriate. 
The Grammar section is arranged for private study, but you may want to discuss those parts which are specifically related to your students’ requirements.
The Grammar exercises section can be done in class or set as homework. Readers can be encouraged to check their own work and discuss any problem they encounter. 
The Test practice section can be used to know the test task types while giving further practice in the grammar for each unit. Each task is followed by a Grammar sample task, written so that to raise students’ awareness of a particular language point give in that unit. 

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS book provides at least one task from each section of the Listening, General Training Reading, Academic Writing, Academic Reading, and General Training Writing modules. In classes where there are students who are not entered for the exam, you may prefer to set Section D tasks as an additional guide for IELTS candidates only. Although, they offer all students valuable opportunities to practice the grammar of the unit and give an essential teaching guide for EAP classes.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

4. Check Your English Vocabulary for IELTS

This workbook is designed for students who expect to sit either on the IELTS exam's Academic or General Training courses. It includes some of the main vocabulary aspects you may need to, or include in, the exam's Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking portions. We hope you can find the lessons helpful in this book, and that the vocabulary you learn can help you attain the grade you want in the IELTS. Good luck!

Each vocabulary field is described as a self-contained framework with task-based exercises in which each vocabulary element is discussed in detail. Pages 1-57 discuss general vocabulary. Any of them are related to particular tasks or questions in the IELTS exam (for example, explaining how something happens, discussing changes seen in a graph or table, stating where items are, and following directions). Pages 58 – 104 concentrate on subject-specific vocabulary areas that may be required for the examination (e.g., education, architecture, family problems, science, and technology). Every task comprises of 3 tasks: the first two present vocabulary items in detail, along with an exercise in practice or understanding, and the third helps you to study the vocabulary in a gap-fill exercise. Pages 105 – 119 contain a number of productive exercises that will offer the chance to practice using your vocabulary in certain IELTStyle writing and speaking tasks. Some sample answers follow forward with these tasks. Note that these sample answers are just there to give you some instructions on how the tasks might be answered. There are no 'right' or 'wrong' responses.• Pages 120 – 139 contain a comprehensive key to check your replies. Further information about specific vocabulary items or general vocabulary areas, as well as other useful words or phrases, is also provided by the answer key.

You should not work through the book mechanically from beginning to end. It is better to choose areas that you are unfamiliar with, or areas that you feel are of specific interest or importance to yourself. Recording, reviewing, and extending your vocabulary Remember that you should keep a record of new words, phrases, and expressions that you acquire, and review these on a regular basis so that they become part of your active vocabulary. Also, remember that there are other ways of acquiring new vocabulary. For example, you should read as much as possible from a variety of authentic reading materials (books, newspapers, magazines, web-based articles, etc.).

You should use a nice, monolingual English dictionary to help you improve your vocabulary more effectively. This should clarify precisely what the words actually mean, show you how they are spoken, show you their different forms when appropriate (e.g., what the noun form of an adjective is), tell you which terms or phrases they collocate with, and send you example sentences to show you how the terms are used.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

5. IELTS Maximiser Educational Book Speaking

IELTS Maximiser Educational Book has been basically designed for students aiming to get a band score of 6 or 7 on the Speaking Test of the IELTS test, however, students intending to get a band score of 5 will also benefit from this book, it provides many aspects of the interview with samples and contains a significant number of highly-focused ideas to enhance candidates' performance.

IELTS Maximiser Educational Book Speaking book is divided into three parts, each of which focuses on different IELTS-type questions.

Part 1 offers a set of questions with sample answers that are directly linked to home life, education, work, interests, hometown and future plans. The provided answers present a variety of functions that may be necessary by students during the speech test.

Part 2 provides 100 topic cards with 20 sample answers. and Part 3 is categorised into 100 A-Z topics. Each consists of a number of keywords in which the focus keywords and ideas are contextualized. 

In part 3, there is a part entitled `Discussion Questions' at the last of each topic to get the students' production of the themes in a discussion. It contains interview extension activities for more practise or homework. These revision activities particularly arranged to students the answers presented. 
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study


6. IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets

There are 2 sections of the IELTS test in which you have to give answers to some questions and you must produce independent responses i.e Speaking and Writing Tests. Many people do not know that the IELTS system uses a group of 10 key topics to make all of these questions in Speaking and Writing. If you understand these 10 topics, and above all, if you know some advanced vocabulary relevant to each topic to use in your Speaking and Writing answers, you can create a big difference to your IELTS Band score, even if your English has some mistakes.

IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets book provides 10 IELTS topics. Each of these guides describes various aspects of a field and offers a relevant example of Academic Task 2 Writing Task to the examples you will see in the examination. It also describes how to address the Task of writing. Then each lesson contains a large amount of vocabulary related to the subject of the module, found in an essay of the Band 9 model so you can see how the vocabulary is used in IELTS writing.

Each module offers a clear explanation of word or phrase, and some examples of how to use these subject words again in the Test's Speaking section, then you're ready to use the vocabulary in both the Writing and Speaking test. If you are not yet familiar with different styles of essays on IELTS Academic Writing Task 2, Finally start from the contents page by reading 'summary.' If you have already read other books on this subject area, please go directly to the topic modules to continue to promote your vocabulary in IELTS. If you are not yet familiar with the various parts of the IELTS Speaking Exam, please try reading Band 9 Speaking book for help, either before or after this book is finished.

IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets Contents short overview

  • Topic 1: Work and careers
  • Topic 2: Education and schooling
  • Topic 3 Children and families
  • Topic 4: Nature, the environment and energy
  • Topic 5: Culture, art, and traditions
  • Topic 6: Healthcare, health, and sport
  • Topic 7: Global challenges
  • Topic 8: Cities and infrastructure
  • Topic 9: Countryside and agriculture
  • Topic 10: Government and the authorities
  • Developing your IELTS vocabulary
  • Overview: The IELTS Academic Task 2 essay types
  • The most common mistakes in IELTS Writing
  • More from Cambridge IELTS Consultants
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study


7. IELTS Academic Essays from the Past Exams

IELTS Academic Essays from the Past Exams book is to provide help to the average student to get high score in the IELTS essay. More than 1 decade of  IELTS coaching experience has been shared about what would help the candidates do good in the writing module of the IELTS. Over the years,

The IELTS essay has to have a plan. Time spent on the plan is time well invested A plan is a surety going to create an essay, which works. A crisp, but the short and to-the-point introduction and conclusion, and two to three well-planned paragraphs with relevant topic sentences, is all that is needed for the IELTS essay.

IELTS Academic Essays from the Past Exams book has over 330 essays seen in the actual IELTS exams, most of which have been repeated many times. Valuable contributions have been made to the book by many experienced and experts of the field.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

8. IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills PDF Download

The goal of the book IELTS Advantage Writing Skills is for students who wanted to reach a score of 6.5-7.0 or above in the Academic FITS exam Writing section. We recognize that most applicants are targeted at achieving at least 6.5, either studying at university, working overseas, for visa purposes or possessing documentation of a strong degree of English. Centered on our many years of effectively training students for the IELTS exam and our expertise as WITS Writing examiners, the book aims to take the writing to this stage. All the lessons in the book is developed in the classroom, and the content helped hundreds of IELTS students attain high scores in the teaching. The book is structured so that it can be used either as a teacher's class or as a self-study book while you brace yourself for the test.

WITS examiners are searching for 4 distinct items about the test and the book is designed to assist you in each of these areas: • Vocabulary: you need a broad selection of scholarly terms and phrases for the key topics of the IELTS. • Grammar: precise grammar and a range of complicated structures ( e.g. comparative clauses, noun phrases, conditionals) are required. • Organization: Write straightforward, excellently-organized paragraphs, and an easy-to-follow response. • Ideas and arguments: ensure you have very well-developed ideas, completely answer the question, and present a comprehensive point of view.

Here's our introduction to what you can do with those scores usually. But make sure to consult with the employer or university to which you apply. 5.5-6.0 Entrance to the University Foundation level 6.0-6.5 Admission to the Bachelor's degree level 6.5-7.0 Entrance to a Master's degree course +7.0 Typically needed to work in occupations such as pharmacy, dentistry, law and accounting in English-speaking countries.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study
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