Friday 4 June 2021

Amraz-e-Khaas book pdf

Amraz-e-Khaas book pdf  Mardon k Jinsi Masail. Amraz-e-Khaas urdu health book for mean. Amraz-e-Khaas book is written by Professor Doctor Shahzada. This book is all about men specific problems and solutions. The book focuses on Male problems Ayurvedic treatment.  It will show you the solution to problems and diseases like Ayurvedic medicine for early discharge problem.

Medical Health Series Urdu Books

  1. Tib Nabvi Aur Jadeed Science by Shahzada M A Butt
  2. Amraz-e-Khaas apna ilaj khud kijiye by Professor Doctor Shehzada MA Butt by Professor Doctor Shehzada MA Butt
  3. Amraz e Niswan by Shahzada M A Butt
  4. Shahad Say Apna Elaj Khud Keejiyay By Shahzada M.A Butt
  5. Sugar Apna Ilaj Khud Kejiye By Shahzada M.A Butt
  6. Jinsi masail apna ilaj khud kijiye By Hakeem Mirza Safdar Baig
  7. Shadi ke ibtidaye Ayam Hakeem Mirza Safdar Baig
  8. Hamal Se Paidaish Tak by Hakeem Mirza Safdar Baig
  9. Phalon aur Sabziyon Say Elaj By Hakeem Mirza Safdar Baig
  10. Balon ki Bimariyan by Shaheen Nawab
  11. Beauty Guide by Shaheen Nawab
  12. Adab e Mubashrat by Doctor Majid Mushtaq
  13. Kamar Dard Ka Ilaj Khud Karein by Dr Majid Mushtaq



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