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how to write a romance novel ?

How to write a romance novel is not like how to write a fairy tale or a children's book. Writing a romance novel requires as much effort, time, and thought as any other creative piece of literature. Following these basic steps can make the entire process smoother for you, whether it is your first novel or an ongoing series. Choosing your subcategory. Creating the setting.

how to write a romance novel

Deciding on your subcategory. Romance novels can take many different shapes and forms-adventure, erotica, science fiction, true crime, action, comedy, and more. Your reader may prefer one particular category over another, or they may view a novel in a completely different way. Once you decide on your subcategories, you can begin the process of brainstorming for your storyline.

Deciding on your characters. Whether you are writing romance novels about an idealistic young girl starting over after her parents die or a brash, testosterone-driven man seeking out his crush, your readers need to feel as though their personalities are real to you. You need to choose your characters based on what you want your readers to feel when they follow the plot.

Creating the setting. Romance novels are set in many different settings, from modern-day America to ancient Italy to medieval Europe. Every setting has its own unique story, its own challenges, and its own appeal. For instance, while Rome is a bustling, noisy city, Paris is dimly lit, secluded, and filled with art and culture. Choosing a good setting will allow your readers to escape into another world, immerse them into the characters and the world they are trying to escape, and make your story even more appealing to them.

Craft Books and Character. Romance novels are written around three basic crafting themes: love, lust, and friendship. Love and lust are the main subjects of most crafts, while friendship is the most common of the three. These themes help to create the basis of how to write a romance novel.

Types of Romance. Romance is usually either classic contemporary or modern. Your how to write a romance novel should take into account the major and minor genres in your chosen genre to give it the right feel and structure.

Romance Trivia. Romance is steeped in romance, so you should incorporate romance and other romantic subjects into your how to write a romance novel. This does not mean that you have to follow every example word for word, but you can include enough of romance to give your readers a taste of what they can expect to find in your story. If readers are looking for romance and cannot imagine having it in their story, then you will lose your readers.

Craftsmanship. Romance is all about creating art, so in writing romance novels you need to put that art into your story. You should include exquisite details that show the creators' love for the subject, and the details will show readers just how genuine your story really is. And squibbler quotes work well as the main ingredient in how to write a romance novel.

Dramatic and intense scenes. Romance novels need to be very dramatic and intense. Your reader cannot take his eyes off of the main characters, if you include too many intense scenes. However, you do not want your scenes to be so scene-focused that they lose the romance. Instead, pick moments in each scene that allow the readers to see the emotions of the characters and develop their own understanding of them.

No main character, please. Romance novels should not have any main characters because this breaks the romance between the author and the reader. Instead, the reader can develop his or her own hero or heroine so that he or she develops emotional attachments to these people.

No strict rules. Romance writing is about allowing your creativity to flow and using whatever tools you like. However, following a formula is not a good idea. The problem with a formula for a novel is that it makes the novel seem like it has been written before. However, if you follow a certain formula, you can avoid making your novel seem stale.

Use your imagination. While plot devices such as the mirror plot, clockwork, and other traditional romance devices are great for creating a structure, it is ultimately your imagination that will dictate what your story will be about. The point of a plot is to suggest a certain direction for your story. For example, the main character may use a certain technique to get what he wants from a relationship. However, he does not want to rely on this technique exclusively because it is ineffective.

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