Tuesday 1 June 2021

The web developer bootcamp download (Video Course)

The web developer bootcamp download. The Complete 2020 PHP Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp.



  • Course Introduction
    Logical Operators
    String Operations
    Date and Time
    If Statements
    Switch Statements
    While Statements
    for Statements,Identifiers
    Things to Remember
    Variables and Constants
    Primitives,Assignments Operators
    Comparison Operators
    Arithmetic Operators
    Abstract Classes and Methods
    Static Methods and Properties
    Polymorphism, iFrames
    Additional HTML Tags
    List of all HTML Tags in Single Page
    Things to Remember
    Creating Tables
    Embedding Contents
    Working with Forms
    Meta Tags
    Linking CSS
    How to Debug CSS Code
    CSS Selectors
    Universal Selector
    Type Selector
    Class Selector
    ID Selector
    ID vs Class Selector
    Attribute Selector
    What is CSS3
    Child Selector
    Descendant Selector
    Adjacent Sibling Selector
    General Adjacent Sibling Selector
    Pseudo Class and Elements
    CSS Precedence Rules
    Colors and Text
    Things to Remember
    Inline CSS
    CSS Comments
    Internal CSS
    External CSS
    Things to Remember
    CSS Box
    CSS Floating Columns
    Positioning Elements
    Display Inline or Block
    Use Google Fonts in your Website
    Project Website Layout
    Simple page layout
    Product Landing Page
    Survey Page, Google Home Page
    Your Personal Website
    Coming Soon Page
    Things to Remember
    Introduction to JavaScript
    Internal JavaScript
    Comments in JavaScript
    External JavaScript
    Inline JavaScript
    Exercise with JavaScript
    How to Debug JavaScript Code
    Write Functions
    Dealing with Objects,Creating Events
    Writing Trace Logs, Try Catch Block
    DOM Find an Element by ID
    DOM Update the Element Data
    Access Form Elements
    Project 1 Starter Website with Bootstrap
    Project 2 Personal Portfolio Page
    Setting up the PHP Environment
    Step 7 Install and Configure Themes
    Step 8 Install & Configure Important Plugins
    Step 9 Sample Pages – Contact & About
    Step 10 Create Categories, Posts and Navigation menu
    Step 11 Configure Layout & Widgets
    Step 12 Secure your Site
    Introduction to Domain Name
    Step 1 Register and Purchase a Domain Name
    Introduction to WEB Hosting Space
    Step 2 Register and Purchase Hosting Plan
    Step 3 Map Domain Name with Web Hosting
    Step 4 How to Login into WordPress from Hosting
    Step 5 Learn to Login and Logout from WordPress
    Step 6 How to Organize your New Site
    Traits and Code Inclusion
    AutoLoading and Dynamic Calling
    S.O.L.I.D - Object Oriented Principles
    Project 1 Database Class with OOP
    Projects 2 CRUD Operations with Post Class with OOP
    Chaining Methods and Properties
    Access Modifiers - public and private
    Complete Understanding of XML Basics
    DTD vs XSD Understanding the difference
    XPATH Understand and Build your own XPATH


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