Sunday 22 August 2021

5th grade math worksheets

5th grade math worksheets download for free. This module is a resource of data and guide in understanding the every Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs). Understanding the target contents and skills can be further enriched thru the K to 12 Learning Materials and other supplementary materials such as worksheets/activity sheets provided by schools and/or Schools Division Offices and thru other learning delivery modalities including radio-based and TV-based instruction (RB/TVI).

The module is written to suit your needs and interests using the IDEA instructional process. This will help you attain the prescribed grade-level knowledge, skills, attitude, and values at your own pace outside the normal classroom setting. The module is composed of different types of activities that are arranged according to graduated levels of difficulty from simple to complex. You are expected to answer all activities on separate sheets of paper and submit the outputs to your respective teachers on the time and date agreed upon.

 You can download and read 5th grade math worksheets now by clicking on below link.


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