Sunday 29 August 2021

Child story books pdf | 51 Stories to Tell to Children

Child story books pdf | 51 Stories to Tell to Children book pdf free download. In this book you will also learn how to properly tell the story to kids/children. This book includes the following stories.

  •  Two Little Riddles in Rhyme
  • The Little Pink Rose
  • The Cock-a-doo-dle-doo
  • The Cloud
  • The Little Red hen
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • The Little Jackals and the Lion
  • The Country Mouse and the City Mouse   
  • Little Jack Rollaround   
  • How Brother Rabbit Fooled the Whale and the Elephant  
  • The Little Half-Chick    
  • The Lambikin    
  • The Blackberry-Bush   
  • The Fairies  
  • The Adventures of the Little Field Mouse     
  • Another Little Red Hen     
  • The Story of the Little Rid Hin   
  • The Story of Epaminondas and his Auntie   
  • The Boy who cried "Wolf!"    
  • The Frog King       
  • The Sun and the Wind  
  • The Little Jackal and the Alligator     
  • The Larks in the Cornfield  
  • A True Story about a Girl (Louisa Alcott)   
  • My Kingdom   
  • Piccola     
  • The Little Fir Tree 
  • How Moses was Saved  
  • The Ten Fairies   
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker   
  • Who killed the Otter's Babies?   
  • Early     
  • The Brahmin, the Tiger, and the Jackal   
  • The Little Jackal and the Camel     
  • The Gulls of Salt Lake     
  • The Nightingale   
  • Margery's Garden  
  • The Little CotyledonsviiThe Talkative Tortoise   
  • Robert of Sicily  
  • The Jealous Courtiers   
  • Prince Cherry 
  • The Gold in the Orchard
  • Margaret of New Orleans  
  • The Tailor and the Three Beasts  
  • The Castle of Fortune 
  • David and Goliath 
  • The Shepherd's Song 
  • The Hidden Servants


Download and read Child story books pdf | 51 Stories to Tell to Children book from below link.


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