Monday 29 November 2021

Haspania Say America Tak History Book in Urdu

Haspania Say America Tak History Book in Urdu free download. Haspania Say America Tak History Book in Urdu  is writtenn by Abu Lubabah Shah Mansoor. "Haspania Se America Tak" (From Spain To America) is a history Book in Urdu. The same author also wrote the books like Dajjal were similarly well popular. The said book is about Christian zealots' savagery, which began with the expulsion of Muslims from Spain and continued until the discovery of Northern America. This history Book in Urdu would reveal all the mysteries concerning America's antagonism and hate toward the Muslim world. He goes on to say that American policies have angered the Muslim Ummah and other downtrodden nations.

Mufti Abu Lubaba compares the violence of the United States to that of Hitler, Halagu Khan, and Genghis Khan in this History Book in Urdu Haspania se america tak. He also indicated the number of people slain by the aforementioned individuals and the government. In the book, the author declares Spain to be a lost paradise for Muslims, whereas America is a chosen hell for Muslims. The stories begin in the seventh century after the preface of this book. This book, like Mufti Shah Mansoor Abu Lubaba's other works, is fascinating. This book is available for free download or reading online.


Download Haspania Se Amreeka Tak By Shaykh Mufti Abu Lubabah Shah Mansoor  history Book in Urdu click the below link.


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