Tuesday 23 November 2021

History Books in Urdu | Safeeran e Haram

History Books in Urdu | Safeeran e Haram By Khan Asif Books Free PDF Download. Safeeran e Haram book authored by Khan Asif. The book "Safeeran e Haram" contains in Urdu the biographies and events of the four Imams, namely, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Shafa'il and Imam Ibad ibn Hanbal. In these History Books in Urdu, Khan Asif has uniquely described the scholarly works of the four Imams and the faith-inspiring events of their lives.

Khan Asif is a notable historian and unique author of Pakistan. This unique writer was born on February 23, 0940 in Rampur, UP, India. He passed away in December 2003 in Karachi. His father Feroz Shah Khan was a feudal lord and held a prominent position in Rampur Amra. Religious and mystical man of a feudal environment. Probably because Khan Asif becomes religious at the time of primary education and training. he was a mystic of history and he has written very high level historical stories. He paid special attention to the biographies of Sufis but in fact Khan Asif is the name of a like-minded person.

He was not only a unique poet and writer of his kind but also had practical experience in other fields of fine arts. Khan Sala probably came to Pakistan for the second time in 1968 and then stayed here permanently. He started journalism and joined the daily "Hurriyat" and kept waiting for articles on the film page of the daily "Hurriyat". He also contacted Dunya and worked with Mr. Fateh Ahmed Karim Fazli. Khan Asif also wrote songs for Ibrahim Nafees' movie "Dil Wale".

In the daily Jasarat, he started writing a session and later, when the government banned the publication of Jasrat, Khan started writing fiction under in the Digest. This monthly continued until 1980, and in 1983, Khannameh joined the Detective Digest and began writing historical articles about Suf and Imam. Khan Asif wrote the best History Books in Urdu novels on famous saints and mysticism and also wrote notable ones. 


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