Saturday 20 November 2021

Hakeem books urdu | Mujrib Nuskhe

Hakeem books urdu | Mujrib Nuskhe urdu health book download. Mujrib Nuskhe is an illustrated Urdu health book written by Hakeem Khwaja Muhammad Nahim. This book contains very useful home remedies for different health conditions. 

  • home remedy for digestion of food
  • best medicine for indigestion and bloating
  • remedy for indigestion and burping
  • home remedies for acidity and gas problem
  • how to get rid of a cough in 5 minutes
  • 14 effective home remedies for cough
  • how to remove cough from throat
  • home remedy for cough
  • dry cough treatment
  • how to get rid of a cough overnight
  • home remedies for dry cough at night
  • how to get rid of headache fast
  • instant home remedies for headache
  • headache remedy food
  • Many other remedies.

Download Hakeem books urdu | Mujrib Nuskhe by clicking on this below link.

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