Tuesday 16 November 2021

Hikmat books in urdu pdf

Hikmat books in urdu pdf | Mahana tibbi magazine al tibb al kimya part 2 February 2018 (1439 Hijri). This book is based on cure with Seeds Spices Herbs. You will see these topics in the book.


  • The bags under eyes and its Biochemical treatment.
  • how to get rid of eye bags naturally
  • what causes bags under eyes
  • under-eye bags treatments
  • how to get rid of eye bags permanently
  • what drugs cause bags under eyes
  • under-eye swelling
  • bags under eyes medical term
  • how to get rid of bags under eyes instantly
  • what is homeopathy and how does it work
  • disease wise homeopathic remedies
  • homeopathy benefits
  • How Homeopathy can help treat Acute Liver Diseases
  • homeopathy medicine for ascites
  • dr reckeweg medicine for liver cirrhosis
  • homeopathic medicine for liver cyst
  • hepatitis b nosode 30c online
  • homeopathic medicine for fatty liver
  • liver cirrhosis cure in ayurveda
  • schwabe medicine for fatty liver
  • sulphur homeopathy liver
  • fruits and vegetables benefits
  • types of vegetables
  • what are two health benefits of eating vegetables?
  • best vegetables to eat daily
  • list of vegetables and their health benefits 
  • dry hair home remedies
  • how to moisturize dry hair
  • home remedies for dry and frizzy hair
  • how to repair damaged hair fast at home
  • what causes dry hair
  • home remedies for dry hair and split ends
  • best treatment for dry hair
  • best treatment for dry and damaged hair
  • Many more health tips


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