Saturday 27 November 2021

noorani qaida pdf

Noorani qaida pdf free download. Norani Qaida is the basic step to learn how to pronounce the arabic words. Most of the Islamic institutions start with noorani qaida to teach the Quran to children. To learn the proper pronunciation and related grammar of Arabic language noorani qaida is the fundamental thing.As there are 28 letter or alphabets in Arabic language given in this Norani Qaida first page. This guide type basic book will teach you how each alphabets is written.

Instruction to teachers for noorani qaida:

The first lesson is very important that contains the basic letters. Correct the child's pronunciation and also memorize the points of the letters. Read from the end of the line to the right and from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top. A good building on a weak foundation is not possible. So the teachers are instructed to carefully teach the first lesson of norani qaida. For each section of new lesson the instruction is provided in the beginning of that particular section. A the the child go onward each lesson becomes difficult but if the basic is strong then there will be no difficulty.

noorani qaida pdf

Without fully understand the basic rule of arabic in noorani qaida you will not be able to recite the Holy quran in proper way. So it is the basic step toward the starting reciting the holy Quran. It will also teach you how to speak Arabic accruing to the Arabic grammar rule.

Download noorani qaida pdf   (Urdu)

Download noorani qaida pdf   (English)

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