Thursday 9 December 2021

Salient features of Indian constitution

Salient features of Indian constitution. The Indian constitution is exclusive in its content and spirit through borrowed form almost every constitution of the world several salient features of Indian constitution that distinguish it from constitution of other centuries.

These Salient features of Indian constitution gone through many changes.  The list is provide below and for detail download the below pdf.

  • Lengthiest Written Constitution
  • Drawn from various sources Blend of rigidity and flexibility Federal system with unitary bias 
  • Fundamental Rights 
  • Directive Principles of State Policy 
  • Fundamental Duties 
  • A Secular State 
  • Universal Adult Franchise 
  • Single Citizenship 
  • Independent Bodies 
  • Emergency Provision 
  • Parliamentary Form of Government 
  • Synthesis of parliamentary Sovereignty and Judicial Supremacy 
  • Integrated and Independent Judiciary 


Download Salient features of Indian constitution pdf click below link.


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