Sunday 30 January 2022

Quran Para 10 pdf download

Quran Para 10 pdf download and read online

The 10th para of Quran begins with the rest of Surah Anfal. In the beginning the distribution of the Mal e Ghanimat mentioned and then dua for success is mentioned. Further, the battle of Badr is mentioned that Satan was present in human form in this battle and was inciting the disbelievers to fight.In this surah, Muslims are also instructed to keep all possible strength and military horses ready for war.

After Surah Al-Anfal is Surah Tawbah. In this Surah, Allah has mentioned the masarif of Sadaqat (Zakat). This surah also mentions the hypocrites who were left behind on the occasion of the battle of Tabuk.

May Allah help us to read, understand and act on the Qur'an. Amen


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