Friday 18 March 2022

Quran Para 25 pdf download

  Quran Para 25 pdf download and read online.| About Quran Para 25 | Summary of Para 25 | خلاصہ قرآن پارہ نمبر 25

The twenty-fifth para begins with the remaining of Surah Haa Meem Sajdah. Allah says that the knowledge of Qayammah is only known to me. In the same way, He has the knowledge of every fruit that grows and Allah has the knowledge of every woman's pregnancy and childbirth. Then there is Surah Al-Shura, in which God mentions that the angels glorify and praise their Lord and ask forgiveness for the believers on earth. After Surah Al-Shura is Surah Al-Zukhruf. Allah says that the reason for revealing this Qur'an in Arabic was that the Arabs knew this language and by reading it they could gain consciousness. It was also said that before its revelation, the Holy Quran was present in Loh Mahfouz. Loh means tablet and Mahfooz mean Saved. Loh e Mehfooz means a Tablet on which the holy Quran is preserved. Then there is Surah Al-Dukhan in which it is stated that the Holy Quran was revealed on a blessed night. Then the people of Pharaoh are mentioned that Allah put the people of Pharaoh to the test. Then there is Surah Al-Jathiya. In it, Allah mentioned many signs.


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