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Quran Para 21 Summery:

Quran Para 21 Sura Ankabut: The twenty-first para begins with the remainder of Surah Ankabut. Allah Almighty says to Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) that recite the Book that has been revealed to you and establish prayer, surely prayer removes obscenity and evil deeds. After that, Allah said that you had neither read any book before nor used to write with your own hand, otherwise the people of falsehood would have doubted (that the Qur'an is not a book revealed by Allah, but Mr. Muhammad invents these verses himself). The presentation of a book like the Holy Qur'an without any prior education is a clear proof that revelation comes to you and you are the Prophet and Messenger of Allah. It was also said that these are clear verses which Allah has preserved in the hearts of the people of knowledge. Those who dispute the verses of Allah are wrongdoers and disbelievers. In this surah, Allah mentioned the misbelief of the polytheists of Makkah that when they are in the seas, they call upon Allah sincerely and when they are on land, they commit shirk and deny the blessings of Allah.At the end of this surah, Allah has said that those who strive in My way, I will certainly show them the way, and indeed Allah is with those who do good.


Quran Para 21 Sura Rum:Surah Ankabut is followed by Surah Rum. This surah was revealed when Rome was defeated by the fire worshipers of Iran. The infidels of Makkah were very happy at this victory of the Iranians. Allah announced in this surah for the consolation of the believers that the people of Rome were defeated, in the nearby land (Sham) and after their defeat, they will be victorious in a few years. The power of everything was with Allah alone, and later it will be with Allah alone, and from this day the believers will be happy. (When these verses were revealed, the polytheists of Makkah considered it impossible, looking at the apparent conditions. These people were ignorant of the power and authority of God, so they only looked at the apparent conditions. One year before the migration, Allah began to weaken the Iranians. And in 2 A.H., Iranians was also covered by the Roman conquests. In the same year, Allah gave victory to the Muslims in the battle of Badr, and the joy of the Muslims doubled as they heard the good news of the victory of the Romans, and Allah also made the Muslims victorious over the infidels.At the end of this Surah, it is mentioned about the disbelievers that they do not hear, see or think about the verses of the Holy Quran as if they are dead.


Quran Para 21 Sura Luqman: After Surah Rum is Surah Luqman. In it, Allah has said that the successful people are those who establish prayers, pay zakat and have firm faith in the Hereafter. Some people trade in nonsense and their aim is only to mislead people, for such people Allah has prepared a humiliating punishment. Allah has mentioned Mr. Luqman who was blessed with wisdom. Luqman gave some valuable advice to his son, the summary of which is that, O son, don't commit shirk, shirk is a great injustice. Also advised to serve the parents. Then, informing about the vastness of Allah's knowledge, he said: "O my son, if there is anything the size of a grain of rye inside a rock or in the heavens and the earth, then Allah will bring it to the fore." Verily, Allah is All-Knowing. He also said: O my son, establish prayer, enjoin good and forbid evil, and be patient with whatever pain befalls you. Indeed, these are courageous and necessary deeds. he advised not to turn your face away from people from good people and do not walk on the earth arrogantly, surely Allah does not like the arrogant, and be moderate in behavior. And keep your voice low, because if a loud voice were good, the voice of a donkey would be good, although the worst voice is the voice of a donkey. At the end of this surah, Allah mentions five such things that only Allah knows: the knowledge of the Resurrection, the occurrence of rain, what is in the wombs of mothers, no soul knows what will happen tomorrow and no one knows in what land he/she will die. The knowledge of all these things is only with Allah, and the All-Knowing.


Quran Para 21 Sura Sajda: After this is Surah Al Sajda, in which Allah has told about the power. Attention was given to man to consider their own creation, how and in what stages Allah has created it. Then he said that Allah has assigned the duty to Malak al-Mawt (angel of death) to capture the souls of humans.


Quran Para 21 Sura Ahzab: After Surah Sajdah is Surah Ahzab. In the first two verses, Allah Ta'ala has given the Muslims a plan of action to fear Allah, do not follow the disbelievers and only follow the revelation and trust in Allah. After that he said that there are not two hearts in a person's chest, there is only one heart, in which there can be Islam or kufr. After that, Allah described the greatness of the holy wives of prophet Muhammad and called them as the mothers of the Ummah. At the end of this para and the beginning of the next para, Allah Ta'ala has taught some social manners to the wives of the prophet Muhammad and common women in general.

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Quran Para 21 pdf download

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