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Zakat books in Urdu pdf download Hafiz Salahuddin Yousaf

Zakat books in Urdu pdf download. The book name is Zakat Ushr Aur Sadaqat Ul Fitr By Hafiz Salahuddin Yousaf.

 Zakat, which is also one of the five pillars of Islam, is a duty that has two aspects. Since it is a form of worship, it is related to the rights of Allah and because it benefits the humans, the economic support of millions of poor and needy, orphans and widows and disabled people are related to Zakat. In this sense, it is also related to the human rights. This shows the importance and usefulness of Zakat. It is a worship, means that by paying it, a person gets a special closeness to Allah and His pleasure, and the other side of it is that it is also a great source of financial support for the disabled and poor people of the society. It awakens in a person's heart the desire to know about the needy and wish them well.

 Due to its dual status, it has a prominent position in other acts of worship. Due to its importance and usefulness, this book has been compiled. In it, on the one hand, an attempt has been made to explain all the essential issues of Zakat in the light of the Qur'an and Hadith, because its religious status requires that the commands and instructions of Allah and the Messenger has been discussed. On the other hand, its aspects have been highlighted through which the economic and social benefits of Zakat can be brought out and maximum work can be done from it for the welfare of the needy people of the society.

Zakat Ushr Aur Sadaqat Ul Fitr By Hafiz Salahuddin Yousaf Contents

  1. Ruling on Zakat in previous shariats
  2. Importance and usefulness of Zakat in Islam
  3. Meaning of Zakat
  4. Words of wisdom on the Holy Quran
  5.  Strict prohibition for asking without need
  6. It is permissible to only three types of people
  7.  Responsibilities of givers of of zakat
  8. A strange example of worldly blessing of zakat
  9. Benefits of Distributing Zakat Collectively
  10. Virtues and blessings and its need and importance
  11.  A strict punishment not to pay Zakat on wealth
  12. A strict punishment for those who do not pay Zakat on animals
  13. punishment not to pay Zakat on gold and silver
  14. Worldly Punishment of not giving Zakat
  15. Zakat and other sadqat
  16. The Prophet's instructions to those who receive Zakat
  17. Government officials are not allowed to accept Zakat
  18. Relatives are the first deserving of charity
  19. It is permissible to pay Zakat before the due date
  20. Justification for delay in spending the accumulated Zakat
  21.  To end poverty and corruption
  22. Zakat is worship, not a tax
  23. A better plan is to withdraw zakat from haram earnings and give charity
  24. Two conditions are necessary for the collection of Zakat and taxing
  25. Give charity secretly and don't show favors
  26. And many More topics are discussed regarding Zakat
Zakat books in Urdu pdf download Hafiz Salahuddin Yousaf

Zakat books in Urdu pdf download

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