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Malisha Rana Novels Complete List

In this blog we will be sharing some famous malisha rana novels list. You can download some of these novels for free online. Malisha Rana is a novelist, who mainly focuses on love and bold type novels, which is very liked by the readers.  All of these malisha rana contains romantic novels.

Malisha Rana Novels Complete List

Malisha Rana Novels List

  • Tu Meri Zindagi Hai novel by Malisha Rana
  • extreme love novel by malisha rana 
  • Anjaan Mohabbat  novel By Malisha Rana
  • Uska Hi Bana Novel  novel By Malisha Rana
  • Ibetad E Ishq Novel  novel By Malisha Rana
  • Main gunagar tera  novel by malisha rana 
  • Ek Siwa Tere  novel By Malisha Rana 
  • WOH AASHIQUI HAI MERI by malisha rana 
  • Humein Tum Se Pyar Kitna  novel By Malisha Rana
  • Mamla Dil Da Aey by Malisha Rana
  • Wajah Tum Ho Novel by Malisha Rana
  • Tere Ishq Main By Malisha Rana
  • Wo Ashiqui Hai Meri By Malisha Rana 
  • Kaisa Yeh Tera Ishq By Malisha Rana
  • Rooh E Jaan By Malisha Rana
  • Jurm E Ishq By Malisha Rana 
  • Tujhy Kitna Chahny Lgy Hum By Malisha Rana
  • Magic Love by malisha rana 
  • Hawas novel by Malisha Rana
  •  Garoor Novel by Malisha Rana
  • Your madness novel by malisha rana
  • bardasht novel by malisha rana
  • lams e aashiqui novel by malisha rana
  • ik teri talab novel by malisha rana
  • cage of love novel by malisha rana
  • inteha novel by malisha rana

This is a list of fmoust Malisha Rana Novels, below we have provided some short useful information about Urdu novels.

Urdu Novels

A novel is a genre of fiction known as a long narrative prose that presents a long narrative of a group of fictional or fictional characters and events. Novels are always presented in the physical form of books and depend on the central aspect. Novels of humor and injustice will be classified as comedy and companion, novels presenting a love story will be classified as romance etc. According to the past, the first appearance of novels is the first date of the 18th century and after that, novels are a major part of literature around the world. Literary criticism is about their plot (the story line of events), characterization (how the characters are acting), narrative style, themes, settings or background, how language is used, and terms of writing style. In terms of word limit, novels are always much longer than short stories and are usually over 40,000 words although the average novel will contain 100,000 words.


Deputy Nazir Ahmed is recognized as the first Urdu novelist. He wrote novels for the reformation of the society. Despite the reformist trend, his novels were very popular among women. He wrote his first novel to reform his daughters, that is why he based his novels on real life. 


After 1857, the Indian society was faced with new changes and problems. At that time, the practice of education among Indian women, especially among Muslim women, was very little, but women were bound in the shackles of outdated ideas and beliefs and wrong customs and practices. After Ahmed's efforts, the love of education and writing developed among women.


Women's novel writing began in the last decade of the nineteenth century. In that era, women did not even reveal their names due to the fear of society and published their works under fake names. After Deputy Nazir's novels written for reforming women, some women responded to his voice and got ready to spread his message everywhere. The names of early female novelists are not well known but they played an important role in the stability of urdu novel writing.


Rashidat-e-Nisa is the leader in advancing the education and reformation of Deputy Nazir Ahmed. Rashidat al-Nisa is recognized as the first female novelist of Urdu. Her novel "Isalah Al-Nasai" has a unique position among the early Urdu novels. This novel was inspired by Deputy Nazir Ahmed and was written in 1881. 


In the novel "Islah al-Nasa'', Rashidat al-Nisa has described the unnecessary customs and superstitions prevalent in the society in great detail. In today's era, many customs are obsolete, but in some areas, they still continue. This novel is a document. Declaring the customs prevalent in the society as unIslamic. 


Reading Books or Novels:

A love of reading not only protects your brain from Alzheimer's disease but also relieves mental stress and strengthens friendships with people including encouraging positive thinking. However, not only these few benefits of being friends with books are included, but opening a book has many benefits for your mind as well as your body.


When we study anything, it always has a purpose and a goal. While reading a novel we move between different ideas and characters. If you don't know what's going on during this time, back up what you're reading and figure it out. An even better idea is to understand when reading a novel, as if you know something completely.


The novelist generally describes the scene, the characters and the various themes in a detailed manner, i.e. they are highly detailed. During Study When you are reading a novel and certain things appear again, pay attention to the repetition.


There may be certain settings, certain thematic elements, certain characters, certain moods, certain descriptions or too many other things to mention. If you suddenly read and study in full depth, you will be fully aware of what you have read when you look up.


Many themes are sometimes mentioned in the novel. Every subject demands full attention. Consider these topics thoroughly.


A novel is made up of many elements. Some readers like visuals, some like character dialogue, and some people like plot. Be sure to consider what you like while reading a novel, it can make reading interesting.


Sometimes we decide to read a book after reading a review and knowing about the topic we like in it, we get the book and decide to read it. Although the novel may be long and there may be many topics, but read the desired topic with deep interest, find it, it will make the study of the novel even easier.

Some benefits of reading books

1. Studying improves your memory

Studying gives your brain a completely different kind of exercise than watching television or listening to the radio, whether you're reading an interesting novel or a simple instruction manual for a device or item. Parts that deal with various functions such as vision, language and learning, they connect to a specific brain circuit while reading, which is a very challenging task under normal circumstances. Thus, this habit helps your brain improve its ability to think and focus, which improves memory. Also improves, especially in middle age, the risk of poor memory is reduced to a great extent.


2. Books keep the mind young

Getting lost in a good book actually sweeps the years away from your mind. According to a study by the Rush University Medical Center in the United States, adults who spend their free time in creative or intellectual activities (such as studying) have a 32% lower rate of dementia in old age or middle age than those who do not read books.


3. Studying relieves mental stress

Getting swept up in a good book lowers levels of unhealthy stress hormones like cortisol. In a British study, when volunteers were put through a stressful activity followed by a few minutes of studying, listening to music, or playing video games, the results showed that those who completed the study Stress levels were recorded as low as 67% in those who prioritized, which was much more significant than other groups.


4. Studying increases your vocabulary

Even if it's been decades since you used to fret or worry about your annual exams, the books you study now can boost your mental capacity. In fact, according to a study, we Five to fifteen percent of your spoken vocabulary is made part of mind through reading. Therefore, the development of this habit in children is of particular importance because the volume of their vocabulary is directly and dramatically related to the amount of books they read. It depends on what they read.


5. Reading makes one empathetic

New York University researchers say that stories provide life-changing insights. The loss of lives of story characters strengthens the ability to understand the feelings of other people in real life. For example, the world a story tells. Seeing through the eyes of an inspiring character makes it easier for us to understand the perspective of our siblings, parents or loved ones.


5. Study helps in achieving the goals of life

Reading about someone who overcomes life's obstacles and achieves their purpose in life actually increases your determination to achieve your goals. Research from Ohio State University in the US has shown that If you want to move up in life, following in the footsteps of an office-bearer's role can motivate you to achieve similar success.


6. Reading can make your day better

The happy ending of a movie also raises the spirits of the audience, but any part of a good novel is more effective in instilling positive emotions in the reader, even the small and insignificant events of the story remain warm in our memory. Now even if the main character of the story has not attended an event because it brings to your mind a good event or a beach location which creates a pleasant feeling and negative Dominant elements in the thought ends.


7. Reading helps save you money

The price of a normal novel in Pakistan can be from 300 to 500, which takes at least six hours to read. If it is compared to a film lover, you can watch three rather four films in this period. You can also visit, or spend the day in a park or go out to eat, but consider that books are the most effective way to save money and if you get a library membership instead of buying books. So the savings can be many times higher.


In the above list of Malisha Rana Novels you can download some novels from this blog, and for rest you can search the  internet.

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