Saturday 23 September 2017

Atlas of Clinical Diagnosis by M.Afzal Mir

Atlas of Clinical Diagnosis by M.Afzal Mir

The traditional teaching of clinical medicine by the bedside, by lectures, tutorials and through textbooks is mainly system- and disease-oriented. Diseases are presented under their relevant system headings and all the clinical manifestations, irrespective of their regional and anatomical diversity, are presented under each disease. This discipline of learning clinical medicine is contrary to how it is practiced in real life, where the history and examination may have to be constructed on a single symptom or an asymptomatic sign. The patient presents with one or more symptoms and the examiner, during history-taking and clinical examination, takes note of various signs that are present and constructs a diagnosis from these. In this book. In Atlas of Clinical Diagnosis by M.Afzal Mir a brief description of each disease is given as the part of the body it affects is covered in the sequence of the scalp-to-sole survey, and with each mention of a condition a few more details are added. Atlas of Clinical Diagnosis by M.Afzal Mir book explores the visual content of clinical medicine and covers both pathognomonic and fundamental signs as well as non-specific signs. These clinical features presented in an anatomical context will, hopefully, offer an iterative stimulus to the student's memory and thereby help the retentive ability of the reader. Thus, this atlas presents the synthesis of a clinical diagnosis from the features scattered around the body and encourages the student to look for these. In this age of 'super specialization', it is becoming increasingly difficult for undergraduates as well as postgraduate students anywhere in the world to see the full spectrum of clinical signs. The increasing demands on the clinical curriculum from the advancing old specialities and emerging new ones have reduced the time available to students to experience the full breadth of clinical medicine. Today it is quite usual to find students graduating from various medical schools in this and other countries with no clinical instruction in, for example, dermatology, rheumatology or neurology! This problem is compounded by the fact that many diseases are often treated early, more effectively and now, more often, in the community. There are fewer opportunities for students to see the usual and less common signs, and yet they are likely to be confronted with these signs in examination and in their subsequent clinical practice. In this book Atlas of Clinical Diagnosis by M.Afzal Mir covers much neurology, dermatology, rheumatology and ophthalmology as may confront a hospital doctor and a general practitioner. In addition to the colour pictures of the clinical signs of each condition presented here, anatomical sketches and line diagrams have been included, wherever appropriate, both to improve the understanding of clinical features and to cover some important, but nonvisual signs. "Atlas of Clinical Diagnosis by M.Afzal Mir" book presents a structured approach to clinical diagnosis from a single sign, suggests other areas to look at for relevant supplementary signs and, at appropriate places, gives the critical 'chairside' tests to confirm a diagnosis. This approach makes some repetition inevitable, but this has been kept to a minimum and the clinical signs have been cross-referenced for easy revision.

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This seems interesting i might give it a shot when i will have free time.Keep sharing these cool books :)

Comprehensive text indeed, for clinical signs as basis of diagnosis!

It will be very helpful to me this book

diagnosis very impartent to the clinical world and also people

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