Saturday 23 September 2017

Essentials of Blood Banking Second Edition by SR Mehdi

Essentials of Blood Banking A Handbook for Students of Blood Banking and Residents Second Edition.
Essentials of Blood Banking A Handbook for Students of Blood Banking and Residents Second Edition is written by SR Mehdi. Essentials of Blood Banking A Handbook for Students of Blood Banking and Residents Second Edition is a textbook for students of Blood banking and Clinical Residents.Blood banking has come of age. The transfusion medicine is one of the thrust areas of medical research. The scare of transfusion-transmitted diseases and globalization of AIDS have led to extraordinary media attention. The medicolegal aspects of blood banking act as a booster for maintaining quality and ensuring safety of blood. Majority of the blood banks in the developing countries have developed their component laboratories. The use of whole blood is minimized day-by day. Almost all the departments of the hospital, surgical or non-surgical, hospital staff, medical or paramedical, and people in the form of patients or healthy blood donors come in contact of blood banks. The dissemination of knowledge of blood banking has become need of the hour. all  readers  had shown very good response to the first edition of this book. Second edition includes advancement in blood grouping and cross-matching techniques by the microtube gel method, screening of alloantibodies and apheresis. A new chapter on Obstetrical Transfusion Practice has also been added. Many textbooks and technical manuals of blood banking are available in the market, but they are too exhaustive for the students who are not specialising in transfusion medicine and are interested only in the basic technical and clinical aspects of blood banking. The handbook Essentials of Blood Banking deals with the basics of blood banking in brief, keeping in mind the requirements of the blood bank staff and the clinical residents. The blood bank personnel can refer to this book for techniques and the residents can carry the handbook to the wards. Even if one patient is saved of the complications of blood transfusion by the reader, the book will serve its purpose. 

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I found the article interest and the books content rich

The article focuses on a concept that is vital in blood transfusion.I only suggest that proper care should be taken to screen blood donations so that there appropriate blood qualities are given to those that it matches

Not all of us are well informed about blood transfusion or "blood banking" Thanks to the author for being clever enough to educate us. For what I perceived, day by day people of all kinds in different places are in need of blood transfusion but not every day we recive enough donation nor the perfect blood. Blood banking must be given a 100% sympathy, its maintenance, pros and cons to its beneficial and donors.

blood bank now very importent to clinical world and also this book for mediacal people

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