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Clinical Chemistry - Principles, Techniques, Correlations, 7th edition 2013

 Clinical Chemistry - Principles, Techniques, Correlations, 7th edition 2013 by MICHAEL L.BISHOP, EDWARD P.FODY AND LARRY E.SCHOEFF Book free download.

 Clinical chemistry continues to be one of the most rapidly advancing areas of laboratory medicine. Since the publication of the first edition of this textbook in 1985, many changes have taken place. new technologies and analytical techniques have been introduced, with a dramatic impact on the practice of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. In addition, the healthcare system is constantly changing. There is increased emphasis on improving the quality of patient care, individual patient outcomes, financial responsibility, and total quality management. now, more than ever, clinical laboratorians need to be concerned with disease correlations, interpretations, problem solving, quality assurance, and cost-effectiveness; they need to know not only the how of tests but more importantly the what, why, and when. The editors of Clinical Chemistry: Principles, Techniques, and Correlations have designed the seventh edition to be an even more valuable resource to both students and practitioners. now 35 plus years since the initiation of this effort, the editors have had the privilege of completing the seventh edition with another diverse team of dedicated clinical laboratory professionals. In this era of focusing on metrics, the editors would like to share the following information. The 295 contributors in the 7 editions represent 65 clinical laboratory science programs, 77 clinical laboratories, 13 medical device companies, 4 government agencies, and 1 professional society. one hundred and twenty contributors were clinical laboratory scientists with advanced degrees. With today’s global focus, the text has been translated into six languages. By definition, a profession is a calling requiring specialized knowledge and intensive academic preparation to define its scope of work and produce its own literature. The profession of Clinical Laboratory Science has evolved significantly over the past four decades. Like the previous six editions, the seventh edition of Clinical Chemistry: Principles, Techniques, and Correlations is comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy to understand for students at all levels. It is also intended to be a practically organized resource for both instructors and practitioners. The editors have tried to maintain the book’s readability and further improve its content. Because clinical laboratorians use their interpretative and analytic skills in the daily practice of clinical chemistry, an effort has been made to maintain an appropriate balance between analytic principles, techniques, and the correlation of results with disease states. In this seventh edition, the editors have made several significant changes in response to requests from our readers, students, instructors, and practitioners. Key Terms and Chapter objectives have been introduced at the beginning of each chapter. ancillary materials have been updated and expanded. Chapters now include current, more frequently encountered case studies and practice questions or exercises. To provide a thorough, up-to-date study of clinical chemistry, all chapters have been updated and reviewed by professionals who practice clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine on a daily basis. The basic principles of the analytic procedures discussed in the chapters reflect the most recent or commonly performed techniques in the clinical chemistry laboratory. Detailed procedures have been omitted because of the variety of equipment and commercial kits used in today’s clinical laboratories. Instrument manuals and kit package inserts are the most reliable reference for detailed instructions on current analytic procedures. all chapter material has been updated, improved, and rearranged for better continuity and readability. , a web site with additional case studies, review questions, teaching resources, teaching tips, additional references, and teaching aids for instructors and students is available from the publisher to assist in the use of this textbook

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