Monday 18 September 2017

Hematology In Practice book Free download by Betty Giesla

In its most fundamental form, hematology is the study of blood in health and in disease. Blood is the window to the body; it is the predictor of vitality and long life. In ancient times, blood was worshipped. Men were bled to obtain a cure and blood was studied for its mystical powers. It was an elevated body fluid. The discipline of hematology was an outgrowth of this fascination with blood. As we practice it in the clinical laboratory today, this discipline encompasses skill, art, and instinct. Hematology is about relationships; the relationships of the bone marrow to the systemic circulation, the relationship of the plasma environment to the red cell life span and the relationship of hemoglobin to the red cell. In this textbook, you, the student, are a vital part of this relationship. I have queried many students over my two decades of teaching and asked them what it is they want to see in a textbook. I have asked, What helps? What gets in the way? What makes you feel more comfortable? Students answered honestly and in great detail, and I even managed to have one of my students review each chapter, so that the student perspective would not be minimized. Hematology is a difficult subject to master because it forces students to think in an unnatural way. Educators are always asking why, well before students can cross the intellectual bridge between the marrow and the peripheral smear. Many students begin a hematology course with little foundation in blood cell morphology, physiology, or medical terminology. With this is mind, I have built several helpful strategies within this text. Each chapter contains readable text that engages the students to learn, master, and then apply the critical concepts in hematology. Medical terminology is absorbed through a designated Word Key section, defining terms to which student may not have been exposed. End of chapter summaries and multiple levels of case studies illustrate the key principles of each chapter. Additionally, there are unique troubleshooting cases in each chapter which encourage each student to role play as a working professional to develop and refine problem solving skills in practice. An Instructor’s Resource Disk is available to adopting educators. The CD includes a Brownstone electronic test generator, a Power- Point presentation with lecture points, and a searchable Image Ancillary. I hope that this text travels with you as you continue your career in the laboratory professions and I hope that the information motivates you and arouses your intellectual curiosity. Two year and four year students can benefit from the chosen topics within the text and perhaps it may even find a home on the shelves of working laboratories nationally and internationally. I welcome your comments ( and encourage you to assist me in creating a memorable textbook. Hematology In Practice Free download by Betty Giesla

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