Monday 25 September 2017

Offensive Security Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

Offensive Security Penetration Testing with Kali Linux Professional information security training and services.
A penetration test (pen test) is an ongoing cycle of research and attack against a target or boundary. The attack should be structured and calculated, and, when possible, verified in a lab before being implemented on a live target. This is how we visualize the process of a pen test:
Kali Linux is a free security auditing operating system and toolkit that incorporates more than 300 penetration testing and security auditing, delivering an all-in-one solution that enables IT Administrators and security professionals to test the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies. Kali Linux offers a smoother, easier penetration testing experience, making it more accessible to IT generalists as well as security specialists and its adherence to Debian Development standards provide a more familiar environment for IT Administrators. The result is a more robust solution that can be updated more easily. Users can also customize the operating system to tailor it to their needs and preferences. All the programs packaged with the operating system have been evaluated for suitability and effectiveness. They include Metasploit for network penetration testing, Nmap for port and vulnerability scanning, Wireshark for monitoring network traffic, and Aircrack-Ng for testing the security of wireless networks. Kali Linux can run on a wide variety of hardware, is compatible with numerous wireless and USB devices, and also has support for ARM devices table of contents are given below in detail.


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A properly executed penetration test provides customers with evidence of any vulnerabilities and the extent to which it may be possible to gain access too or disclose information assets from the boundary of the system. Melbourne escorts

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