Saturday 10 March 2018

A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux® THIRD EDITION

The book 
Whether you are an end user, a system administrator, or a little of both, this book explains with step-by-step examples how to get the most out of an Ubuntu Linux system. In 28 chapters, this book takes you from installing an Ubuntu system through understanding its inner workings to setting up secure servers that run on the system.

The audience 
This book is designed for a wide range of readers. It does not require you to have programming experience, although having some experience using a general-purpose computer, such as a Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, or another Linux system is certainly helpful. This book is appropriate for

• Students who are taking a class in which they use Linux
• Home users who want to set up and/or run Linux
• Professionals who use Linux at work
• System administrators who need an understanding of Linux and the tools
that are available to them including the bash and Perl scripting languages
• Computer science students who are studying the Linux operating system
• Technical executives who want to get a grounding in Linux

A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux®, Third Edition, gives you a broad understanding of many facets of Linux, from installing Ubuntu Linux through using and customizing it. No matter what your background, this book provides the knowledge you need to get on with your work. You will come away from this book understanding how to use Linux, and this book will remain a valuable reference for years to come.

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