Saturday 10 March 2018

Pro Ubuntu Server Administration

This book is about advanced Ubuntu Server administration. In this book you will read about topics that normally are of interest to experienced administrators. The typical reader of this book will already know how to handle basic tasks such as managing files, users, permissions, and services such as Apache and Samba.

I have written this book around some major themes. First of them is administering Ubuntu Server in the data center. This theme covers typical issues that you’ll encounter only when installing Ubuntu Server in an enterprise environment, such as connecting the server to the SAN or configuring Ubuntu Server as a Clonezilla imaging server. You’ll also learn how to set up high availability for services running on Ubuntu Server.

The second major theme is performance and troubleshooting. There is a chapter about performance monitoring and analysis, which is followed by a chapter about performance optimization. You’ll also find a chapter about file system monitoring and optimization. The last chapter in the book provides extensive coverage of Ubuntu Server troubleshooting.

The next theme comprises advanced options offered by network services. You’ll learn how to set up
an OpenLDAP Directory Server, how to connect your Samba Server to that Directory server, and how to configure Ubuntu Server as a mail server.

The last theme is security. This starts with an introduction to OpenSSL and the configuration of a certificate authority. The chapter on OpenVPN delves further into the topic of certificates, and the chapter on Kerberos shows how you can use Kerberos to set up secure authentication for different services. You’ll also find some in- depth information about the configuration of AppArmor to protect your applications.

I hope that this book meets your requirements and that you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

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