Sunday 11 March 2018

CherryPy Essentials Rapid Python Web Application Development

CherryPy is a Python library implementing the HTTP protocol, which is at the very core of the Web, using common Python idioms. On top of that CherryPy offers its own view and concepts on how to help a developer to build web applications while being minimally intrusive through its own simple and straightforward API.
This book will guide you through the CherryPy library with the aim of giving you the key to make the best of it in your own web applications. The first four chapters are dedicated to CherryPy, providing information ranging from its history to an in-depth presentation of its key features. The rest of the book will then take you into the development of a photoblog application. Each chapter tries to provide enough background to allow you to ponder the why and how of each decision made. Indeed writing software applications is not a precise science and compromises need to be undertaken for the better, however, the truth is that writing software usually does not go quite as planned. I have written this book with the hope that in the end you would have learnt much more than using a Python library.

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