Saturday 10 March 2018

Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

GNU/Linux is a remarkable operating system that comes with a complete development environment that is stable, reliable, and extremely powerful. The shell, being the native interface to communicate with the operating system, is capable of controlling the entire operating system. An understanding of shell scripting helps you to have better awareness of the operating system and helps you to automate most of the manual tasks with a few lines of script, saving you an enormous amount of time. Shell scripts can work with many external command-line utilities for tasks such as querying information, easy text manipulation, scheduling task running times, preparing reports, sending mails, and so on. There are numerous commands on the GNU/Linux shell, which are documented but hard to understand.

This book is a collection of essential command-line script recipes along with detailed descriptions tuned with practical applications. It covers most of the important commands in Linux with a variety of use cases, accompanied by plenty of examples. This book helps you to perform complex data manipulations involving tasks such as text processing, file management, backups, and more with the combination of few commands.

Do you want to become the command-line wizard who performs any complex text manipulation task in a single line of code? Have you wanted to write shell scripts and reporting tools for fun or serious system administration? This cookbook is for you. Start reading!.

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