Saturday 11 August 2018

HISTOLOGY AND CELL BIOLOGY An Introduction to Pathology Fourth Edition


HISTOLOGY AND CELL BIOLOGY An Introduction to Pathology Abraham L. Kierszenbaum  and Laura L. Tres

The fourth edition of Histology and Cell Biology: An Introduction to Pathology contains revisions and additions that strengthen the visual approach to learning histology within the context of cell biology and pathology introduced in the previous editions. New in the fourth edition are a greater emphasis on pathology topics and the online audiovisual version of the histology-oriented Concept Mappings. The combined histology–cell biology–pathology approach intends to prepare medical students for the forthcoming learning of pathophysiology and clinical medicine. The practice of medicine changes relentlessly as new knowledge becomes known. Future physicians can find in this book the basis for continuing education to better help their patients by constantly integrating basic and clinical sciences. The visual approach presented in this book emerged from many years of practicing pathology and teaching cell biology, histology, and pathology to medical students.

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