Wednesday 5 September 2018

Emotional Healing For Dummies By Dr David Beales and Helen Whitten

Emotional healing relates to every human being: no one has a perfect life. You have probably, like everyone else, been hurt  or misunderstood, been in conflict or in love, experienced acceptance or rejection, and suffered losses, including bereavement. Most of the time you’re able to dust yourself down and carry on, but at other times certain experiences result in wounds that linger on, negatively influencing your life. Unhealed emotions can result in dysfunctional relationships,  depression and physical and mental illness. Unresolved issues and emotional  trauma can be locked deep inside your body and mind, creating disturbed  bodily responses, emotional reactivity leading to problematic thinking and  behaviour. Therefore, taking time to explore your own issues is extremely  worthwhile, so that you can release them and move forward. Emotional healing is required when you hold on to memories or  feelings that still cause you pain. Your underlying drive as a human  being is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. As you transition through many  different life events this goal can become easier because you get better at  identifying things that make you happy and more adept at avoiding things that cause you  pain. You also develop resilience and develop ways to manage your  emotions more effectively. Yet certain memories and events may still disturb  you even as you face old age and death. Finding a way to make peace with  past pain and grievances enables you to heal. This book can help you explore and achieve emotional healing in  problematic areas of your own life. We recognise that doing so takes great  courage on your part, and we salute you for the step you’re taking in  picking up the book. This book will help you free yourself of past burdens, take control  of your life and find ways to enjoy aspects of it that you may have had  difficulty enjoying before.
 Emotional Healing For Dummies By Dr David Beales and Helen Whitten main focuses:
  •  Understand where negative emotions come from
  • Recognize how your emotions affect you mentally and physically
  • Heal yourself with thinking, lifestyle and behavioral strategies
Emotional Healing For Dummies By Dr David Beales and Helen Whitten cover page
Emotional Healing For Dummies By Dr David Beales and Helen Whitten cover page

Emotional Healing For Dummies By Dr David Beales and Helen Whitten Contents:

Chapter 1: Understanding Emotional Healing
Chapter 2: Exploring the Physiology of Emotion
Chapter 3: Tuning In to Your Emotions
Chapter 4: Unravelling Feelings and Food: What’s Eating You?
Chapter 5: Tackling Tiredness: Following Your Body Rhythms
Chapter 6: Actively Engaging in Your Emotional Healing
Chapter 7: Putting Your Emotions in Context
Chapter 8: Facing Up to Emotional Challenges
Chapter 9: Managing Relationships
Chapter 10: Getting Through Tough Times
Chapter 11: Coping with Life’s Transitions
Chapter 12: Managing Feelings with Thinking Strategies
Chapter 13: Finding Insight through Mindfulness
Chapter 14: Using Day-to-Day Strategies for Emotional Healing
Chapter 15: Living as an Emotionally Healed Person
Chapter 16: Planning Ahead: Handling Diff cult Emotions
Chapter 17: Inspiring Healing in Others
Chapter 18: Helping Your Child Heal.Part VI: The Part of Tens
Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Heal Emotional Wounds
Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Stay Positive
Chapter 21: Ten Activities for Emotional Healing

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