Wednesday 9 January 2019

Cancer Information for Teens Health Tips about Cancer


Cancer Information for Teens Health Tips about Cancer Awareness,Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Including Facts about Cancers of Most Concern to Teens and Young Adults, Cancer Risk Factors, and Coping Strategies for Teens Fighting Cancer or Dealing with Cancer in Friends or Family Members  book free download. 
According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer among adolescents and young adults accounts for only two to three percent of all invasive cancer.Yet, this age group has notable concerns. Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease during the teen years, and, the pattern of cancer seen in teens and young adults differs from that in people who are older or younger. Furthermore, the decisions adolescents make about tobacco use, sun exposure, sexual practices, and other lifestyle choices may have significant implications for their risk of developing cancer later in life.Cancer Information for Teens, Second Edition provides updated information about research regarding the possible causes of cancer and ways to prevent,detect, and treat it. It explains the biological processes associated with the development of cancer, and it discusses factors known to increase cancer risk.A section for teens coping with cancer offers practical tips for dealing with issues such as the side effects of treatment, physical appearance, school life,and relationships. Another section offers suggestions for teens who may have a family member or friend dealing with cancer. The book concludes with a resource section offering suggestions for additional reading, a directory of sourcesfor cancer information, and resources for finding cancer clinical trials.

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