Wednesday 9 January 2019

Skin Health Information for Teens Second Edition Edited by Kim Wohlenhaus


Skin Health Information for Teens Second Edition Health Tips about Dermatological Concerns and Skin Cancer Risks Including Facts about Acne, Warts, Allergies,and Other Conditions and Lifestyle Choices, Such as Tanning, Tattooing, and Piercing, That Affect the Skin, Nails, Scalp, and Hair.

he skin is the body’s biggest and most visible organ. It serves as a first line of defense against microorganisms, and it provides a sensory interface between the body and the environment. Teens often turn it into a canvas for self-expression, modifying its appearance with cosmetics, tanning, piercing,and tattooing. Because it is so exposed and manipulated, however, the skin is also susceptible to a host of injuries, infections, irritations, and even life threatening cancers. In addition, because it is so visible, problems that affect the skin’s appearance can lead to embarrassment and emotional turmoil.Skin Health Information for Teens, Second Edition provides updated information about the skin, hair, and nails. It explains how the skin and its related structures grow and how to keep them healthy. Common ailments, including acne, eczema, impetigo, psoriasis, vitiligo, and warts are explained, and a section on skin cancer provides information about cancer risks, prevention strategies, warning signs, and treatments. The care of skin injuries, including cuts,scrapes, burns, bites, and stings, is also discussed, and the book concludes with suggestions for further reading.

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