Thursday 31 January 2019

Hung Gar Kung-Fu By Bucksam Kong, Eugene H. Ho

For many Kung Fu means self defense physical exercise or competition in tournaments For others It means a concept of meditation and mind expansion Because of its wide usage Kung Fu is considered one of the world s most effective methods of fighting today Nearly everyone male and female young and old can participate in it For a long time however the teachings of Kung Fu were restricted to Chinese In the United States the schools existed only in areas where Chinese Americans lived When other Asian self defense methods such as Ju Jitsu Judo Karate and Aikido were flourishing the Chinese martial arts remained a mystery to most Westerners Although Kung Fu is fairly well known today there are only a handful of qualified teachers around As a result the art continues to he shrouded with misconceptions myths and mysteries This book was written to present the true facts of the ancient art It provides introductions into the Kung Fu philosophies which are informative to both beginners and to experienced practi toners It does not however provide a secret formula to turn a beginning student into a master overnight Only years of rigorous and dedicated training under a qualified teacher can produce a master The fifth chapter perhaps the most fascinating and important section in this book contains rare photographs of two men going through a sparring session under the Hung system of Kung Fu The reader will grasp a better knowledge of the training methods after studying this chapter Another highlight in this book is the section showing for the first time the fighting techniques patterned after the five animal forms of Siu Lum Kung Fu. The Tiger,The Crane, The Dragon, The Leopard and The Snake Arrows have been included in the photographs to indicate the flow of movements and motions from beginning to end The theory and significance of the techniques have also been explained After reading and studying this section thoroughly the reader will surely appreciate the many facets and ramifications of the ancient art of Kung Fu.
Contents of "Hung Gar Kung-Fu By Bucksam Kong, Eugene H. Ho"
 Five Formed Fist of Siu Lum Kung Fu , Tiger Style , Crane Style , Snake Style , Dragon Style , Leopard Style  
Strength , Tan Tien ,  Breath , Method of Breathing , Speed , Lines and Circles , Soft and Hard , Long Range Short Range.
 Horse Riding Stance , Bow and Arrow Stance, Cat Stance , Scissors Stance , Hanging Horse Stance, Hand Training, Basic Exercises,  The Circular Blocking Method , Blocking the Straight Punch, Application of the Circular Block , Continuous Blocking Exercise Blocking the Roundhouse. 
Vital Target Points , General Techniques , Tiger Style Techniques , Crane Style Techniques , Leopard Style Techniques , Dragon Style Techniques , Snake Style Techniques.

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