Thursday 31 January 2019

The Tiger Crane Form of Hung Gar Kung-Fu By Bucksam Kong, Gregory Lee

This volume presents the tiger crane set (fu hok sheong yrn kuen) in its entirety using 268 separate photographs The form is also broken down in a unique way that allows the student to study the practical self defense apple cations of every move in this form The first time you study this book examine the entire form first from front to back (the steps are numbered consecutively throughout this book) skipping the application sections at first Then go back and begin again with the first section of the feral the Opening Salute Now turn the page and notice the photographs and caption for the application of these moves For every section and step of this Corm there is a corresponding page immediate ly after that demonstrates the actual combat possibilities of each move in chiding situations against more than one opponent It is possible to study this book again and again reviewing sequences of the tiger crane set that you may have forgotten or looking up the self defense applications of certain steps No art form can be completely mastered through book instruction Once you have studied the tiger crane set personal instruction can help bring out its more intangible benefits Perserverance and hard work are the key

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