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21 Secret Remedies for Colds and Flu: Build Your Immune System and Stay Healthy Naturally

21 Secret Remedies for Colds and Flu: Build Your Immune System and Stay Healthy Naturally By Siloam Editors

Regardless of you live, after the recent nasty winters that have affected even those living in the more southerly regions of the United States, the onset of winter often produces the dreaded thought of colds, flu, and other dangerous viruses floating through the air. They can be deadly: flu is linked to about twenty thousand deaths in the United States annually, and about one hundred thirty thousand people go to a hospital each year with the flu. So it’s no wonder that when people think about the possibilities of colds and flu, they often say, “Yeech!” As much as we dislike these imbalances and their effects, though, natural medicine practitioners see a cold as your body’s attempt to cleanse itself of toxins, wastes, bacteria, and mucus that have built up to the point of overwhelming the immune system. The same is true with influenza (or flu),  which is an acute viral infection of the upper respiratory tract or digestive tract caused by a rhinovirus. The flu can begin with symptoms that resemble the common cold, but the infection is generally more severe, highly contagious, and longer lasting. Besides lingering fatigue and weakness, influenza can make a person more susceptible to pneumonia, sinus problems, bronchitis, and ear infections. People older than sixty can be seriously affected by the flu, which is the fifth-leading cause of death in the elderly.
However, fighting colds and flu starts long before the thermometer plunges. There are many commonsense, natural methods you can take to build your body’s immunity. Prevention starts with eating healthy foods such as mushrooms, vegetables, oats, and peppers, and avoiding bad ones, particularly sugar. Vitamins, minerals, and supplements help supply your body with substances often missing from the modern diet. Good hygiene habits, such as washing your hands regularly and caring for your skin and teeth, will reduce your chances of getting sick. So will getting adequate sleep and rest, reducing stress levels, and incorporating outdoor activity into your lifestyle. Getting outside during good weather provides you with more sunshine-induced vitamin D and puts you in touch with the soil and other healthy aspects of nature. Lowering your weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure will also leave you less susceptible to viruses. Exercise is another preventive measure that will lessen your chances of coming down with colds or flu during bad weather. So will a positive mental outlook. Staying in touch with friends and loved ones, and taking time to laugh (and pray) each day will help you avoid the loneliness and depression that afflict millions in American society. A body weakened by “the blues” is more susceptible to viruses of all kinds, which is why you need to get regularcheckups, so you can confide in your doctor about any personal problems that may be affecting your overall health.

Even if all these measures fail and you wind up getting sick, avoid reaching for the nearest over-the-counter medication. There are many natural remedies that can help cure what ails you, without adverse side effects. We have sought to compile a quick reference guide to help you the next time you find yourself concerned about cold and flu season. Hopefully, armed with good information, you will be able to avoid the “yeechs” that sideline too many people.

You can’t afford to be sick !Stop the flu in its tracks this year and beyond. A healthy immune system is the key to winning the battle over the flu andother illnesses we are faced with on a daily basis. With contributions fromSiloam’s most popular health authors, including Dr. Leslie Ann Dauphin ofthe CDC, Dr. Don Colbert, Janet Maccaro, Cherie Calbom, and others, 21Secret Remedies for Colds and Flu gives you natural, practical ways to buildyour immune system and stay healthy during the cold and flu season. With biblical perspectives, the latest scientific research on alternativehealth practices, and expert advice from doctors, nutritionists, naturopathicpractitioners, and researchers from the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention, this book includes valuable insight on:
  • Sleep and rest
  • Limiting sugar intake
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Home remedies for colds, coughs, congestion, sore throats, and fever
  • Superfoods that build immunity
  • The power of prayer and so much more!

Chapters included in "21 Secret Remedies for Colds and Flu: Build Your Immune System and Stay Healthy Naturally"
Chapter 1 Know Your Environment
Chapter 2 Know the Truth
Chapter 3 Sleep and Rest
Chapter 4 Limit Sugar Intake
Chapter 5 Superfoods That Build Immunity
Chapter 6 Home Remedies for Colds and Flu Relief
Chapter 7 Vitamins
Chapter 8 Minerals
Chapter 9 Supplements
Chapter 10 Keep Moving
Chapter 11 Foods That Heal and Feed Your Cold
Chapter 12 Drink Your Way to Health
Chapter 13 Detox Your Body
Chapter 14 Stress and Immunity
Chapter 15 Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
Chapter 16 Good Hygiene
Chapter 17 Live, Laugh, Love
Chapter 18 Get Outside
Chapter 19 Keep Your Numbers Down
Chapter 20 When to Go to the Doctor



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