Saturday 13 April 2019

What are Fats Benefits Food Sources?

 Basically, there are two types of fats, depending on their origin: animal and vegetable. Fats must be present in the diet, because not only improve the taste of meals but are also responsible to convey the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and provide us essential fatty acids. On the other hand, the high consumption of fats and, especially, of fats animals, is harmful to health and can be a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

But are all animal fats the same? 
No, it is very important that you know that the fat from the Fish is different from the rest of those of animal origin. The fats of fish do not increase cholesterol, and may be beneficial if included in the diet naturally, that is, eating blue fish and in no case in the form of oils or commercial preparations.

Foods rich in beneficial fats you MUST EAT 3-4 times per week Foods rich in fats, you should not Eat excessively. Salmon, tuna ,sardine ,anchovy, herring, mackerel.
Butter,Viscera, Sausages, Meat ,Bacon, Eggs.

What about fats of plant origin? Well, something similar to of animal origin. Not all are equal, and not all are beneficial for health. Between the ones we consider beneficial there are two classes: those that predominate in oils coming from seeds oleaginous, as they are, the sunflower, corn and soybeans, and those that abound in olive oil. These two classes of fats do not raise cholesterol, but of olive oil present some advantages over seed. Some vegetable fats are harmful and they shouldn't used in food, as are those of palm oil. This fat has been used a lot, for its low cost, in the industry food, being one of the more harmful to our health. Be careful, then, with the products that advertise vegetable fat without specify of what type, since may be palm.

What happens with margarines?
Margarines come from oils vegetables that have undergone an industrial process, to achieve the solid consistency they have. During this process, much of the beneficial fat is transformed into another it is no longer so healthy. For Therefore, margarine, even being vegetable, has a large percentage of fats very similar to those of origin animal, which raise cholesterol.

What about cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a type of fat that must be present in the feeding in certain quantities as it performs in the body functions very important. Control cholesterol is, fundamentally, to control the intake of animal fats. Remember that cholesterol is not in vegetables, therefore, any advertising claim about a plant product, that says "no contains cholesterol "is not saying nothing special.

Decrease the consumption of animal fats, and choose, whenever possible vegetable oils (preferable OLIVE) and bluefish. The consumption of bakery products decreases, chocolates, ice creams, etc. They are usually a source of important fat. When you eat chicken, remove the skin, because you eliminate fat. For all other meats, remove all fat visible.

Foods rich in fats, you must not eat excessively.

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