Monday 18 May 2020

Dua e Jameela arabic text benefits Urdu pdf free download

Dua e Jameela arabic text benefits Urdu pdf free download. dua e jameela authentic pdf free download with benefits in urdu.  This dua e jamila is a powerful islamic suplication in arabic language having many benefits. This dua jamilah benefits can help you in solving life problems and will help you in life after death and on day of Qiyamat. Here I will share dua e jameela pdf free download arabic text, dua jameela with urdu translation. The dua jamilah full pdf english is not availible here but you can refer to google for english version of this dua. Some people write the spelling of this dua as dua jamilah. The first pdf file will explain dua jameela history in full detail in urdu.

Dua e Jameela is an islamic dua consisting of the names of Allah (asma ul husna) and after every name of Allah the ism e azam "Ya-Allah" is repeated. The word "Ya-Allah" is repeated 60 time in dua e jamila or dua jamela.

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