Friday 12 June 2020

Fazail Surah Ikhlas by Muhammad Imran Azam Amdani

Fazail Surah Ikhlas original book is in arabic lanuguage written by Shiekh Muhammad Yousuf bin Abdul and is translated to urdu language by Muhammad Imran Azam Amdani.sura ikhlas is also known as al-Tawḥīd is the 112th chapter of the Quran located in the last para of Quran. In the early years of Islam, some suras of the Quran came to be known by several different names, sometimes varying by region. This surah was among those to receive many different titles. Which is all about the basic attributes of Allah and these attributes cannot be assoicatd with anyone. There a many wazaif and benefit of recting sura ikhlas, In this books some of the wazaif of sura ikhlas is explained.

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