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Fiqri Mujmua e Wazaif by allama alim faqri pdf download

Short introduction to Fiqri Mujmua e Wazaif by allama alim faqri  

Fiqri Mujmua e Wazaif by allama alim faqri pdf download urdu islamic books pdf free download. Fiqri Mujmua e Wazaif by allama alim faqri is a huge book of islamic wazaif containging the benefits meaning fazail of all 114 sura of Quran. This book also include the importance of different holy islamic days and nights like shab e Qadar etc. Fiqri Mujmua e Wazaif by allama alim faqri You will learn how to correctly perform the prayer namaz and contain one chapter about different wazaif, one chapter about quran all suras benefits. Fiqri Mujmua e Wazaif by allama alim faqri  Book also include one chapter on the importance of reciting the darood sharif and different type of darood sharif. This book also include many different lengthy duas and their importance like dua e kung ul arsh benefit of dua e mughni,Benefits of Dua-e-Aman,etc. Fiqri Mujmua e Wazaif by allama alim faqri  book has 550 puls pages.

In "Fiqri Mujmua e Wazaif by allama alim faqri " you will learn benefits of 40 Quran sura, benefits of 24 darood sharif,benefits of 19 rohani duas, benefits of different duas and all nafal namaz benefits. In "Fiqri Mujmua e Wazaif by allama alim faqri " book you will learn every wazifa method comprehensively and easily in urdu language.

Contents of Book in urdu:
Fazail Sura Al-Fatihah ( Meaning The Opening), Fazail Sura Al-Baqarah ( Meaning The Cow), Fazail Sura Al-Imran ( Meaning The Family of Amran), Fazail Sura An-Nisa ( Meaning The Women), Fazail Sura Al-Ma'idah ( Meaning The Food), Fazail Sura Al-Anam ( Meaning The Cattle), Fazail Sura Al-Araf ( Meaning The Elevated Places), Al-Anfal ( Meaning Voluntary Gifts), Fazail Sura Al-Baraat / At-Taubah( Meaning The Immunity), Fazail Sura Yunus ( Meaning Jonah), Fazail Sura sura Hud ( Meaning Hud), Fazail Sura Yusuf ( Meaning Joseph), Fazail Sura Ar-Rad ( Meaning The Thunder), Fazail Sura  Ibrahim ( Meaning Abraham), Fazail Sura Al-Hijr ( Meaning The Rock), Fazail Sura An-Nahl ( Meaning The Bee), Fazail Sura  Bani Israil ( Meaning The Israelites), Fazail Sura  Al-Kahf ( Meaning The Cave), Fazail Sura Maryam ( Meaning Mary), Fazail Sura Ta Ha ( Meaning Ta Ha), Fazail Sura Al-Anbiya' ( Meaning The Prophets), Fazail Sura Al-Hajj ( Meaning The Pilgrimage), Fazail Sura Al-Muminun ( Meaning The Believers), Fazail Sura  An-Nur ( Meaning The Light), Fazail Sura  Al-Furqan ( Meaning The Discrimination), Fazail Sura  Ash-Shuara ( Meaning The Poets), Fazail Sura  An-Naml ( Meaning The Naml), Fazail Sura Al-Qasas ( Meaning The Narrative), Fazail Sura  Al-Ankabut ( Meaning The Spider), Fazail Sura Ar-Rum ( Meaning The Romans), Fazail Sura Luqman ( Meaning Luqman), Fazail Sura As-Sajdah ( Meaning The Adoration), Fazail Sura Al-Ahzab ( Meaning The Allies), Fazail Sura Al-Saba ( Meaning The Saba'), Fazail Sura Al-Fatir ( Meaning The Originator), Fazail Sura Ya Sin ( Meaning Ya Sin), Fazail Sura As-Saffat ( Meaning Those Ranging in Ranks), Fazail Sura Sad ( Meaning Sad), Fazail Sura Az-Zumar ( Meaning The Companies), Fazail Sura Al-Mu'min ( Meaning The Believer), Fazail Sura Ha Mim ( Meaning Ha Mim), Fazail Sura Ash-Shura ( Meaning Counsel), Fazail Sura Az-Zukhruf ( Meaning Gold), Fazail Sura Ad-Dukhan ( Meaning The Drought), Fazail Sura Al-Jathiyah ( Meaning The Kneeling), Fazail Sura Al-Ahqaf ( Meaning The Sandhills), Fazail Sura Muhammad ( Meaning Muhammad), Fazail Sura Al-Fath ( Meaning The Victory), Fazail Sura Al-Hujurat ( Meaning The Apartments), Fazail Sura Qaf ( Meaning Qaf), Fazail Sura Ad-Dhariyat ( Meaning The Scatterers), Fazail Sura At-Tur ( Meaning The Mountain), Fazail Sura An-Najm ( Meaning The Star), Fazail Sura Al-Qamar ( Meaning The Moon), Fazail Sura Ar-Rahman ( Meaning The Beneficent), Fazail Sura Al-Waqi'ah ( Meaning The Event), Fazail Sura Al-Hadid ( Meaning Iron), Fazail Sura Al-Mujadilah ( Meaning The Pleading Woman), Fazail Sura Al-Hashr ( Meaning The Banishment), Fazail Sura Al-Mumtahanah ( Meaning The Woman who is Examined), Fazail Sura As-Saff ( Meaning The Ranks), Fazail Sura Al-Jumu'ah ( Meaning The Congregation), Fazail Sura Al-Munafiqun ( Meaning The Hypocrites), Fazail Sura At-Taghabun ( Meaning The Manifestation of Losses), Fazail Sura At-Talaq ( Meaning Divorce), Fazail Sura At-Tahrim ( Meaning The Prohibition), Fazail Sura Al-Mulk ( Meaning The Kingdom), Fazail Sura Al-Qalam ( Meaning The Pen), Fazail Sura Al-Haqqah ( Meaning The Sure Truth), Fazail Sura Al-Ma'arij ( Meaning The Ways of Ascent), Fazail Sura Nuh ( Meaning Noah), Fazail Sura Al-Jinn ( Meaning The Jinn), Fazail Sura Al-Muzzammil ( Meaning The One Covering Himself), Fazail Sura Al-Muddaththir ( Meaning The One Wrapping Himself Up), Fazail Sura Al-Qiyamah ( Meaning The Resurrection), Fazail Sura Al-Insan ( Meaning The Man), Fazail Sura Al-Mursalat ( Meaning Those Sent Forth), Fazail Sura An-Naba' ( Meaning The Announcement), Fazail Sura An-Nazi'at ( Meaning Those Who Yearn), Fazail Sura Abasa ( Meaning He Frowned), Fazail Sura At-Takwir ( Meaning The Folding Up), Fazail Sura Al-Infitar ( Meaning The Cleaving), Fazail Sura At-Tatfif ( Meaning Default in Duty), Fazail Sura Al-Inshiqaq ( Meaning The Bursting Asunder), Fazail Sura Al-Buruj ( Meaning The Stars), Fazail Sura At-Tariq ( Meaning The Comer by Night), Fazail Sura Al-A'la ( Meaning The Most High), Fazail Sura Al-Ghashiyah ( Meaning The Overwhelming Event), Fazail Sura Al-Fajr ( Meaning The Daybreak), Fazail Sura Al-Balad ( Meaning The City), Fazail Sura Ash-Shams ( Meaning The Sun), Fazail Sura Al-Lail ( Meaning The Night), Fazail Sura Ad-Duha ( Meaning The Brightness of the Day), Fazail Sura Al-Inshirah ( Meaning The Expansion), Fazail Sura At-Tin ( Meaning The Fig), Fazail Sura Al-'Alaq ( Meaning The Clot), Fazail Sura Al-Qadr ( Meaning The Majesty), Fazail Sura Al-Bayyinah ( Meaning The Clear Evidence), Fazail Sura Al-Zilzal ( Meaning The Shaking), Fazail Sura Al-Adiyat ( Meaning The Assaulters), Fazail Sura Al-Qari'ah ( Meaning The Calamity), Fazail Sura At-Takathur ( Meaning The Abundance of Wealth), Fazail Sura Al-Asr ( Meaning The Time), Fazail Sura Al-Humazah ( Meaning The Slanderer), Fazail Sura Al-Fil ( Meaning The Elephant), Fazail Sura Al-Quraish ( Meaning The Quraish), Fazail Sura Al-Ma'un ( Meaning Acts of Kindness), Fazail Sura Al-Kauthar ( Meaning The Abundance of Good), Fazail Sura Al-Kafirun ( Meaning The Disbelievers), Fazail Sura An-Nasr ( Meaning The Help), Fazail Sura Al-Lahab ( Meaning The Flame), Fazail Sura Al-Ikhlas ( Meaning The Unity), Fazail Sura Al-Falaq ( Meaning The Dawn), Fazail Sura An-Nas ( Meaning The Men),

Some contents in english:
benefits Sura Al-Fatihah ( The Opening), benefits Sura Al-Baqarah ( The Cow), benefits Sura Al-Imran ( The Family of Amran), benefits Sura An-Nisa ( The Women), benefits Sura Al-Ma'idah ( The Food), benefits Sura Al-Anam ( The Cattle), benefits Sura Al-Araf ( The Elevated Places), Al-Anfal ( Voluntary Gifts), benefits Sura Al-Baraat / At-Taubah( The Immunity), benefits Sura Yunus ( Jonah), benefits Sura sura Hud ( Hud), benefits Sura Yusuf ( Joseph), benefits Sura Ar-Rad ( The Thunder), benefits Sura  Ibrahim ( Abraham), benefits Sura Al-Hijr ( The Rock), benefits Sura An-Nahl ( The Bee), benefits Sura  Bani Israil ( The Israelites), benefits Sura  Al-Kahf ( The Cave), benefits Sura Maryam ( Mary), benefits Sura Ta Ha ( Ta Ha), benefits Sura Al-Anbiya' ( The Prophets), benefits Sura Al-Hajj ( The Pilgrimage), benefits Sura Al-Muminun ( The Believers), benefits Sura  An-Nur ( The Light), benefits Sura  Al-Furqan ( The Discrimination), benefits Sura  Ash-Shuara ( The Poets), benefits Sura  An-Naml ( The Naml), benefits Sura Al-Qasas ( The Narrative), benefits Sura  Al-Ankabut ( The Spider), benefits Sura Ar-Rum ( The Romans), benefits Sura Luqman ( Luqman), benefits Sura As-Sajdah ( The Adoration), benefits Sura Al-Ahzab ( The Allies), benefits Sura Al-Saba ( The Saba'), benefits Sura Al-Fatir ( The Originator), benefits Sura Ya Sin ( Ya Sin), benefits Sura As-Saffat ( Those Ranging in Ranks), benefits Sura Sad ( Sad), benefits Sura Az-Zumar ( The Companies), benefits Sura Al-Mu'min ( The Believer), benefits Sura Ha Mim ( Ha Mim), benefits Sura Ash-Shura ( Counsel), benefits Sura Az-Zukhruf ( Gold), benefits Sura Ad-Dukhan ( The Drought), benefits Sura Al-Jathiyah ( The Kneeling), benefits Sura Al-Ahqaf ( The Sandhills), benefits Sura Muhammad ( Muhammad), benefits Sura Al-Fath ( The Victory), benefits Sura Al-Hujurat ( The Apartments), benefits Sura Qaf ( Qaf), benefits Sura Ad-Dhariyat ( The Scatterers), benefits Sura At-Tur ( The Mountain), benefits Sura An-Najm ( The Star), benefits Sura Al-Qamar ( The Moon), benefits Sura Ar-Rahman ( The Beneficent), benefits Sura Al-Waqi'ah ( The Event), benefits Sura Al-Hadid ( Iron), benefits Sura Al-Mujadilah ( The Pleading Woman), benefits Sura Al-Hashr ( The Banishment), benefits Sura Al-Mumtahanah ( The Woman who is Examined), benefits Sura As-Saff ( The Ranks), benefits Sura Al-Jumu'ah ( The Congregation), benefits Sura Al-Munafiqun ( The Hypocrites), benefits Sura At-Taghabun ( The Manifestation of Losses), benefits Sura At-Talaq ( Divorce), benefits Sura At-Tahrim ( The Prohibition), benefits Sura Al-Mulk ( The Kingdom), benefits Sura Al-Qalam ( The Pen), benefits Sura Al-Haqqah ( The Sure Truth), benefits Sura Al-Ma'arij ( The Ways of Ascent), benefits Sura Nuh ( Noah), benefits Sura Al-Jinn ( The Jinn), benefits Sura Al-Muzzammil ( The One Covering Himself), benefits Sura Al-Muddaththir ( The One Wrapping Himself Up), benefits Sura Al-Qiyamah ( The Resurrection), benefits Sura Al-Insan ( The Man), benefits Sura Al-Mursalat ( Those Sent Forth), benefits Sura An-Naba' ( The Announcement), benefits Sura An-Nazi'at ( Those Who Yearn), benefits Sura Abasa ( He Frowned), benefits Sura At-Takwir ( The Folding Up), benefits Sura Al-Infitar ( The Cleaving), benefits Sura At-Tatfif ( Default in Duty), benefits Sura Al-Inshiqaq ( The Bursting Asunder), benefits Sura Al-Buruj ( The Stars), benefits Sura At-Tariq ( The Comer by Night), benefits Sura Al-A'la ( The Most High), benefits Sura Al-Ghashiyah ( The Overwhelming Event), benefits Sura Al-Fajr ( The Daybreak), benefits Sura Al-Balad ( The City), benefits Sura Ash-Shams ( The Sun), benefits Sura Al-Lail ( The Night), benefits Sura Ad-Duha ( The Brightness of the Day), benefits Sura Al-Inshirah ( The Expansion), benefits Sura At-Tin ( The Fig), benefits Sura Al-'Alaq ( The Clot), benefits Sura Al-Qadr ( The Majesty), benefits Sura Al-Bayyinah ( The Clear Evidence), benefits Sura Al-Zilzal ( The Shaking), benefits Sura Al-Adiyat ( The Assaulters), benefits Sura Al-Qari'ah ( The Calamity), benefits Sura At-Takathur ( The Abundance of Wealth), benefits Sura Al-Asr ( The Time), benefits Sura Al-Humazah ( The Slanderer), benefits Sura Al-Fil ( The Elephant), benefits Sura Al-Quraish ( The Quraish), benefits Sura Al-Ma'un ( Acts of Kindness), benefits Sura Al-Kauthar ( The Abundance of Good), benefits Sura Al-Kafirun ( The Disbelievers), benefits Sura An-Nasr ( The Help), benefits Sura Al-Lahab ( The Flame), benefits Sura Al-Ikhlas ( The Unity), benefits Sura Al-Falaq ( The Dawn), benefits Sura An-Nas ( The Men).



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