Tuesday 2 June 2020

First Language English Workbook Cambridge IGCSE Marian Cox

First Language English Workbook fourth edition by Cambridge IGCSE Marian Cox pdf free download

This supplementary workbook is designed to support the coursebook Cambridge IGCSE First Language English by Marian Cox, fourth edition published by Cambridge University Press in 2014. The skills offered for practice are those examined in Cambridge IGCSE First Language English , which are comprehension, writer's effects analysis, summary, directed writing, and composition. The texts in each unit are suitable for both core- and extended-tier candidates.  This workbook, which has been revised as part of the fourth edition IGCSE suite, contains 12 independent units, each based on a different topic, divided into the sections Language and Style, Comprehension and Summary, Directed Writing, and Composition or Coursework. (In some cases the titles could be used for either.) Each unit gives practice in the generic examination response techniques of skimming, scanning, selecting, collating and structuring. The topics have been selected to cater for a variety of interests and to have international appeal to the relevant age group. The passages cover the range of genres for reading and writing exam tasks. The tasks are intended as follow-up work to the coursebook. They give further opportunities to practise the reading and writing skills and language points that are introduced or revisited in the matching coursebook unit. The units are roughly equal in level of difficulty and can be studied in any order. Each unit contains a mixture of exam-type tasks for skills practice as well as specific language tasks on spelling, punctuation, vocabulary extension or grammar points. Teachers can select tasks according to which skills and language areas need practising at a particular time by a particular student or class. The contents page indicates which language-revision and exam-type practice tasks are contained in each unit. Speaking and Listening skills are not directly addressed in this supplementary workbook, but many of the reading and directed writing tasks could be extended or adapted to become Speaking and Listening tasks for examination practice or internal assessment.

By using this workbook, students will become familiar with a range of exam-style passages and tasks and gain practice in writing in different voices and registers for different audiences. The tasks can be done in class, as homework, or by the student working independently. An Answers appendix gives suggested answers for tasks where appropriate, though these are not necessarily definitive. (The appendix can be removed from student copies of the workbook.) Answer space for all questions is given in the workbook, the size of the space indicating the expected length of the response.

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