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IELTS 5 Practice Tests 4 Academic Tests 1 General Test Book PDF Download

IELTS 5 Practice Tests 4 Academic Tests 1 General Test McGraw-Hill's The Most Trusted Name in Education.

What is the IELTS exam? 
The IELTS abbreviation is "International English Language Testing System" and IELTS is the world's biggest exam, and as the name indicate, It is a type of test used to check English language for college and university admission and for immigration or registration with professional bodies. 

There are two types of IELTS tests: the Academic test for more study and the General Training (GT) test for immigration. There is no pass or fall in IELTS. Instead, there are bands that show a person's level or score. These bands range from 0-9. 
  • Candidate who missed the test is assigned with 0 band. 
  • Nine is band score of a person whose English is perfect (Native Speaker).
  • Five Band showed that the person made many mistakes but understand the language.
  • Six Band score showed that the candidate is intermediate speaker.
  • Seven band mean that person understand the language good.
  • Eight band score in ielts shows that the person made only 5 to 6 mistakes in 650 words of speaking and writing test.

The six band score is normal in ielts and seven band requires more study and every organization has their own minimum band score for entrance.

In English speaking countries the minimum band score requires is 5.5 and it increases depend on your course of study and the institutions popularity.
For Canada residence you need seven band score.
For Nursing in Australia you need seven band score in all areas of ielts.


Chapter 1 Introducing IELTS
  • What Is the IELTS exam? What are the four parts of the test? 
  • How is IELTS marked?
  • How should I prepare for IELTS?
  • Characteristics of different brands
Chapter 2 IELTS Listening Introduction to the Listening test
  • How is the Listening test marked? 
  • How to fill out the Listening and Reading answer sheets 
  • Listening strategies
  • Always listen for evidence
  • Strategies for each question type (I)
  • Strategies for each question type (II)
  • The alphabet and numbers in the Listening, Speaking, and Writing tests
  • Listening Taster Test
Chapter 3 IELTS Reading
  • What happens in the Reading test?
  • How is the Reading test marked?
  • Academic Reading Taster Test 
  • Reading strategies
  • Extra practice filling in a flowchart
  • Extra practice labelling a diagram
  • Special information about the General Training Reading test
  • GT Reading Taster Test
Chapter 4 IELTS Writing
  • What happens In the Academic Writing test?
  • What happens In the GT Writing test?
  • How Is the Writing test marked?
  • Model answers to Academic Writing Task 1 questions
  • A single table In Task 1
  • Model answers to Writing Task 2 questions
  • Assessing candidates for Academic Writing Task 1
  • Assessing candidates for GT Writing Task 1
  • Assessing candidates for Academic and GT Writing Task 2
  • Understanding Task Fulfilment in Writing Task 2
  • Tone in Academic Writing Task 2 and GT Writing Task 1
  • The Introduction In Writing Task 2
  • Writing the essay
  • Topic and supporting sentences in Writing Task 2
  • The conclusion in Writing Task 2
  • Understanding Coherence and Cohesion in Writing
  • Paragraph organisation in Writing Task 2
  • Linkers
  • Punctuation
  • Handwriting and Understanding Vocabulary for Writing
  • Describing graphs and charts in Academic Writing Task 1
  • Using approximate language in Task 1
  • Nominalisation
  • Understanding Grammar for Writing
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Tests 1. 2 3
  • GT Task 1 formal letters
  • Academic Writing Taster Test
  • GT Writing Taster Test
  • Writing - Putting it all together
Chapter 5 IELTS Speaking
  • What happens in the Speaking test?
  • How is the Speaking test marked,
  • Speaking Taster (Buzzer) Test
  • Fluency and Coherence
  • Spoken vocabulary and grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Speaking - Putting it all together
Chapter 6 IELTS Spelling 236 Writing Task 1
  • Writing Task 2 238 Spelling and Pronunciation
  • Spelling and remembering what you see
Chapter 7 IELTS Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Introduction to Vocabulary
  • Word families
  • Reference and substitution
  • Vocabulary in Speaking Part 1- Personal information and mini topics Phrasal verbs
  • Thirty-three 'thorns which are safe to use in the Speaking test
  • Multi-choice tests for vocabulary, grammar. and spelling
  • Sentence types
Last Part: IELTS Practice Tests Academic Practice Test 1
  • Academic Practice Test 2
  • Academic Practice Test 3
  • Academic Practice Test 4
  • General Training Practice Test
  • Answers to All book questions

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