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Improve Your Skills Listening and Speaking for IELTS with Answer Key pdf download

Improve Your Skills Listening and Speaking for IELTS with Answer Key get band 6 to 7.5. Improve Your Skills Listening and Speaking for IELTS with Answer Key by Joanna Preshous.

About IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills:
Improve your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills is a comprehensive preparation guide for students of score bands 6.00-7.5 preparing for the for the Speaking and Listening components of IELTS abbreviated as International English Language Testing System. This IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills book provide targeted practice for developing language skills to get higher ielts score in this two areas.

How to use "Improve Your Skills Listening and Speaking for IELTS with Answer Key" book?

You can use Improve your IELTS Speaking and Listening Skills using this self study guide. Listening and Speaking Skills is a step by step course designed to help those students who are doing preparation through self study and want to improve in ielts.
what is inside the book? 
  • The answer key is provided for checking answers to all questions.
  • This course contain two CDs to improve your listening skills.
  • Speaking and discussion practice activities are provided.
How is this books is organized?

Contains 10 units of different topics you will see in real test and each unit provides this contents:
  1. exercises and activities to introduce vocabulary and ideas useful for the topic.
  2. Listening Exercises and activities to develop the skills for questions in the Listening component.
  3. Speaking exercises and activities to improve skills and language for the Speaking
  4. component, including practice questions from one part of the module.
  5. exercises of pronunciations and activities to practice key aspects English pronunciation.
  6. 1 complete portion of the Listening exam to practise the skills learned.
  7. Additionally there are strategies boxes throughout the book. These reinforce key points on how to reach Listening and Speaking tasks.
How will this book Help You?

Improve your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills will help you By developing the following skills:

  • The Speaking  and Listening skills part of this book of each unit form a detailed syllabus of essential IELTS Speaking  and Listening and skills. 
  • The Topic talk part of each unit improve phrases,vocabulary, and sentence forms for use in the Listening and Speaking areas. 
  • The Listening skills sections provide you to the skills you need to handle the various types of question that can be asked. Knowing the best way of heandling each type of question will enable you to get the best mark you can. The Speaking skills section will make you aware of different question-types and enable you to relax in the ielts exam and perform at your best.

How is the IELTS Listening section organized?
It consists of 4 sections: usually there are 2 monologues and 2 conversations on a different topics. There are 10 questions in each section. The topics are related to subjects related to educational or training situations and everyday social matters You hear the recording only once, but you have time to look at the questions first and further time to write your answers.The exam time is approximately 40 minutes (10 minutes to transfer your answers).

What kind of questions are included in ielts?
There are a different types of questions such as matching, multiple choice, short answer questions, form/table completion, labeling a diagram/plan/map,sentence completion, classification of information, matching information, and summary.

How will you be assessed? 
You will get 1 mark for each correct answer and maximum of 40 marks. The questions get harder as you proceed but all the marks have the same value.

How IELTS Speaking component is organized?
You have a face to face interview with an examiner lasting between eleven and fourteen minutes. There are 3 parts. (1) examiner asks questions on everyday topics such as likes and dislikes family, hobbies (2) you speak for 1-2 minutes on a topic given by the examiner. Finally, you take part in a discussion on more abstract issues related to the topic of the discussion.

How will You be assessed?
The examiner assign marks on 4 basic headings:
(1) Fluency and coherence: speaking in a continuous way, without unnatural hesitation, and organizing your thoughts and speech in a logical way. (2) Lexical resource: using a range of vocabulary appropriate to the topic.(3) Grantmatical range and accuracy: using a range of grammatical forms, including more complex forms, with a reasonable degree of accuracy. (4) Pronunciation: speaking so that you can be understood by the examiner

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