Friday 12 April 2019

Small Things You Can Do Daily to Improve Your Health

In this blog post, we are sharing a list of things to do every day and Small Things You Can Do Daily to Improve Your Health. Here will follow the concept of Slow life and the benefits of slow life. You will also learn the reason for slow living and some principles for the improvement of  Health. You will also learn how to relax your mind and nerves.

In today's society, competition is increasing, leading people to live in a highly tense environment. Additionally to the developing financially successful career, So old women of age 40 also has to undertake a lot of heavy housework. In order to have a healthy body, it is necessary to start with small things in daily life. 

Slow life, cheer for health:
Slow life is a healthy state of mind and a state of life. In the intense competition, in the fast-paced life in today's digital world old people (40+) still needs to have a positive outlook on life and self-awareness to enjoy a slow life.

Reasons for slow life Health details:
Do not eat breakfast, do not exercise, do not travel... This has become a common problem in people's fast-paced life nowadays, and the reason is three words: no time! Slow growth Life can make better people's health in many ways, specifically mental health. The suggestion of slow life makes those who always refuse everything on the ground of being busy begin to realize. Rather than saying that slow life is a sport, it is a reflection of a modern fast-paced life. Fast-paced life is like a whip, whipping people forward; while slow life is somewhat opposite, and its essence is to protect health and life. Only when the pace of life slows down we have more time to taste life, improve ourselves and enjoy life.

Some daily life principle of slow living 

Principle 1: Slow eating: For middle-aged people, each meal should be chewed about 30 times, so as to give the brain diet center enough excitement time, is conducive to absorption of nutrition and control of food intake. 

Principle 2: Slow motion: Life without speed is just wonderful. The popularity of slow life makes yoga and other slow sports in full swing.

Principle 3: Slow leisure (free time): Free time is for relaxing the body and soul, and let the body that is usually working to rest. 

Principle 4: Slow love: The love of middle-aged people is like boiling soup, the longer the time, the more fragrant the taste. "Slow love" may become a new way of thinking about love. 

Principle 5: Slow sleep: Don't let others disturb your dreams, go to sleep slowly, sleep peacefully overnight, wake up smelling the sun the next day, radiant and energetic into work. Slow sleep is also a good thing for health.

Principle 5: Slow music: Soothing music can promote self-cultivation, can help the cure of diseases, and can also improve appetite, eliminate fatigue, soothe nerves, eliminate depression, and enhance self-confidence. 

Principle 6: Slow socialization: Capturing the hearts of people with a social Judo (modern Martial art), rewarding the boss with performance and respect, often thinking about empathy with subordinates, and learning to understand each other with colleagues.

Healthy Tips for Relaxing Nerves:
Relax your nerves completely and let the impetuous mentality settle down. These methods can be used for Relaxing mind. 
  • fishing  
  • fencing,  
  • traveling,  
  • Learning painting, 
  • dancing, 
  • climbing,  
  • riding, 
  • playing golf etc.
Sit quietly and calmly a method of relaxing mind:
1. sit cross-legged on a cushion in a soft, quiet room.
2. Close your eyes and try to relax the muscles of the whole body, starting with the feet, from bottom to top, and relaxing to the head.
3. Breathing with your nose makes you feel that air is coming in and out of your nostrils. Each time you exhale, you silently count “one, two, three”. 
4. Stop for 10 minutes and stop on its own. Close your eyes and rest for a minute or two, and a period of practice will stop.

Some other Small Things (exercises) You Can Do Daily to Improve Your Health
Soothe Yoga:
1. The whole body relaxes and meditates comfortably (lotus position).
2. Stretch your arms and raise your head, perpendicular to the ground. Cross your fingers together, palms inward. 
3. The back is straight, turn your palms up, make your palms upward, and stretch your arms as high as possible, breathing naturally and deeply. Maintain this position for 30 to 60 seconds, then swap the positions of the legs and repeat this exercise 3 to 6 times. 

Soothe the fragrance bath: 
1. Fill a bathtub with hot water, the water temperature is based on the skin's acceptable standard. 
2. Add 5-8 drops of essential oil, stir it when releasing water, the oil can be evenly distributed in the water. Soak for about 15 minutes. Do not use soap when enjoying the aromatherapy bath, as it will affect the effect of the aromatherapy bath.

Final Daily life Health Tips: 
You should never bring any troublesome real-life problems into your life while sitting still, nor should you think of any problems, seek no answers, or seek any purpose, just relax your body and mind completely.

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