Saturday 13 April 2019

What Is Fiber? Benefits Food Sources

 A short introduction to fiber:

We call fiber the part of vegetables that is not digested and is not absorbs in the intestine, that is, it does not have proper nutritional value, but it is essential to maintain the normal activity of the intestine. You get a lot of fiber from foods that include legumes, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. No fiber is obtained from source foods animal, such as meat, cheese, fish ..Foods rich in fiber are very important to maintain fluidity in the intestine and avoid constipation. They also make you feel "full" without giving you many calories (important, if you are concerned with your weight).

Food Sources of fiber:
You will find many fiber preparations on the market, but you do not have need to take them; leaves this in the hands of specialists who They will use only in very specific cases. You can get all the fiber that you need in your daily diet, simply following these tips.
  1. ncrease the consumption of whole cereals (bread, pasta, rice).
  2. Includes a plate of vegetables in each meal .
  3. Increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables  (beans, chick peas, lentils, etc.) .
  4. Consume them 2 or 3 times per week.

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