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Muslim Names Girls with meanings (Q to Z)

In this article, you will learn some Muslim Names Girls of Arabic language in English with meanings (from alphabet Q to Z).


The names of the Prophets (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon them) are the best after the best names of Allaah. Among them, the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the most virtuous and blessed. The Prophets are followed by the Companions, the Great Followers, the Imams of the Prophets, Islamic heroes, and important personalities. While the names placed on their names will be beautiful and a source of blessing, the children will grow up to feel their religious fervor and will be a mirror of their Islamic identity and distinction, commemorating the great deeds of their forefathers. It will also help.

Names Meanings
Qamar Moon
Raihana A sweet-smelling flower
Raghd Pleasant
Radhiya Content; Satisfied
Rabee'a Garden
Rafa/td> Happiness; Prosperity<
Raniya Gazing
Rashida Wise; Mature
Rawiya  Transmitter (of ancient Arabic poetry)
Ruwayda Walking gently
Reem Gazelle
Rafee'a High; Sublime, Confident
Rabab White cloud
Reem Gazelle
Ra'eda Leader
Rabi'a Name of righteous woman
Rana To gaze; Look
Rand Tree of good scent
Raja Hope
Rawa Satisfaction with drink
Rasha Young gazelle
Reem White antelope
Ruciaiya Name of the Prophet's daughter
Sameera Entertaining companion
Samar Evening conversations
Salwa Quail; Solace
SSana Resplendence; Brilliance
Sawsan Lily of the valley
Shadiya Singer
Siham Arrows
Sumayyah Companion of the prophet
Suhaila Smooth; Soft ; Fluent
Safa Clarity; Purity; Serenity
Saadiya Good fortune
Sakina Peace; Tranquility
Sahar Dawn
Sabira Patient
Saiyyda Chief
Saeeda Fortunate; Happy
Safiyyah Serene; Pure; Best friend
Saliha Good; Righteous
Sahla Smooth; Soft; Easy
Salma Peaceful
Salima Safe; Healthy
Samah Generosity
Sameeha Generous
Sarah Name of Prophet Ibrahim's wife
Samiya Elevated; Lofty
Sharifa Noble
Shatha Aromatic
Suhair Proper name
Suha Name of a star
Tasneem Name of fountain in Jannah
Tahira Pure; Chaste
Taybah Good; Pure; Chaste
Thameena Valuable; Precious
Thana Thankfulness
Thurayya Star
Thara Wealth
Tamadhur Old Arabic name
Wafiyya Loyal; Faithful
Wafa Faithfulness
Wijdan Ecstasy; Sentiment
Warda Rose
Wafeeqa Successful
Wajeeha Eminent; Distinguished
Widad Love; Friendship
Wisal Communion in love
Yakootah Emerald
Yasmin Jasmine
Yusra Proper name; Easiness
Zahra Flower; Beauty; Star
Zaina Beautiful
Zakiyya Pure
Yumn Good fortune; Success
Yamamah Dove
Zahira Shining; Luminous
Zainab Name of Prophet's daughter
Zeenat Beauty; Elegance

You have learned some Muslim Names Girls of Arabic language in English with meanings (from alphabet Q to Z). Aso read these Names for Muslim girls.

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